Important Things to Pay Attention to in Submitting MSME BLT


As the government’s response to the economic problems that befell the community. Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic which has made the economic sector weaker. The community can apply for MSME BLT which is also called BPUM which stands for productive assistance for micro businesses. This Rp 1.2 million assistance is aimed at micro, small and medium enterprises affected by COVID-19.

However, to get it, the community must meet several conditions and go through several stages. This is to really filter, so that the aid funds reach those who really need it. Here are the things to pay attention towhen applying for MSME BLT. This makes the process faster and easier to get approved.

1. Attach an Active and Registered NIK

One of the requirements for applying for BLT MSMEs for BLT recipients is that the NIK number must be registered at the social assistance center or social service at the provincial level. Therefore, make sure the NIK attached is a registered NIK. In addition, make sure the NIK is active and verified.

If the NIK has not been registered with the data center for social assistance or social services. Residents can visit the relevant social services to find out the status of NIK. At the same time to take care of information so that it can be included in the list. Of course, by bringing the necessary documents.

2. The name written must match the NIK

Each NIK will certainly be registered with one citizen’s name. However, there are times when a system error creates a logging error. For example, one NIK registered under two names or the names registered on the NIK are not the same. Problems like this are good to be solved immediately.

You can do this by visiting the sub-district office or taking care of it directly with the civil registration office. An NIK number that does not match the name listed or a problematic NIK will be difficult to use to manage aid funds or other government programs.

3. Domicile Address According to KTP

Another thing that must be considered in applying for MSME BLT is the address. There are times when the address on the ID card is not the same as the domicile address. When submitting a BLT this can be considered invalid, especially if this is revealed at the time of the survey.

Therefore, make sure the residential address matches the one listed with the on the ID card. The appropriate address will facilitate the data verification process and support the validity of the entered data.

4. Scale and Field of Business

It should be remembered that the assistance fund in applying for the MSME BLT is intended for entrepreneurs whose new businesses are MSME scale. Entrepreneurs who already have a large business scale cannot participate in applying for this assistance. Even though their business is also affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, there are other types of loans that can be utilized by entrepreneurs whose business scale exceeds MSMEs.

Field business involved must also be clear and stated. The business must have been running for at least 6 months. For new MSME entrepreneurs, there are other types of assistance that can be submitted besides this assistance.

5. Phone Number Must be Active

On the registration form, participants of this MSME BLT assistance will also include a telephone number. Make sure that the phone number listed is active and can be reached. This is because the channeling bank will use the telephone number as a means of communication. Whether the application is passed or not, you will be notified via SMS or telephone.

Those are the things that must be considered when applying for MSME BLT. For those who need it, you can immediately complete the requirements and make an application. Make sure these five things have been met before applying for help. This is to avoid data errors that will hamper the process.

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