Increase Confidence! Here are 5 ways to treat armpits so they don’t smell and black


The problem of smelly and black armpits is often a problem for some people. They tend to be less confident about it. Because of that problem, we will give some tips on how to treat armpits so they don’t smell and black.

Actually, how to treat armpits so they don’t smell and black is very easy, but there are still many people who have not practiced it themselves at home.

With the following tips, it is certain that you will be more confident to face the day with smelly armpits.

How to treat armpits so they don’t smell and black?

how to treat armpits so they don't smell

Maybe many of your friends are still confused about how to take care of your armpits so they don’t smell bad and black? Take it easy, we will discuss in full in the following article. So, read on till the end!

1. Shower 2 times a day!

As an active young person, your body will certainly be prone to sweating. Well, sweat also has germs that can cause armpit odor. The best solution to avoid unpleasant body odor is to take a bath twice a day.

Take advantage of germ-killing soap if your body odor is very disturbing. When bathing, don’t forget to brush the dirt and sweat in the armpits until they are completely clean.

2. Use Masks with Natural Ingredients

The use of masks from natural ingredients is also needed to overcome unpleasant armpit odor. There are also natural ingredients that can be used as masks, such as potatoes, cucumber, or turmeric.

Choose one of the natural ingredients, then puree and apply it on the armpits as a mask. Use the mask every day until the armpit odor completely disappears. The use of natural masks is highly recommended, because young people’s skin is categorized as sensitive and needs to be protected with natural ingredients.

3. Use Teen Deodorant

Deodorant is an effective underarm care product to suppress unpleasant odors. For young people who have sensitive skin, they should always choose alcohol-free deodorant products.

So that the problem of body odor continues to be avoided, also choose a deodorant that is equipped with a fresh fragrance typical of young people. In this case Rexona Dreamy White and Rexona Glowing White can be used as the right choice.

Not only is it designed with 0% alcohol content, this youth deodorant is also delivered with a delicate aroma of rose and lily that is suitable for young people and can protect you from body odor problems for up to 48 hours.

4. Change Clothes Regularly

The body that often sweats must make clothes so watery lightning. Clothing that is watery due to sweat is certainly a breeding ground for germs and can cause body odor. So, change clothes in an orderly way, that is after every shower.

Also avoid wearing clothes that are watery due to sweat repeatedly without washing them first. In this way, the problem of underarm porridge can also be avoided.

5. Take advantage of deodorants that have antiperspirants

To reduce the creation of excess sweat, choose a deodorant that has an antiperspirant. All Rexona products are equipped with antiperspirant content, so they have the same effective ability to fight body odor or excessive sweating.

For young people, it is recommended to use Rexona Glowing White and Rexona Glowing White antiperspirant deodorants, which can keep your underarms fresh and dry for up to 48 hours. No need to be afraid anymore about watery armpit shadows that can affect your confidence.

Conclusion and closing!

Well, those are some ways to treat your armpits so they don’t smell and black, don’t let the smell of your armpits interfere with your confidence during your daily activities.

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