Indonesian Horror Movies! Grief, Revenge and Pain, Watch In Your Favorite Cinema!


Who doesn’t like Indonesian horror films? Surely most netizens prefer to watch it, right? One of the horror films that must be watched is Teluh.

The horror scenes shown are also very scary, making the audience afraid, and there are lots of scenes related to everyday life.

Synopsis of Indonesian Horror Film, Teluh


This film is set in the 1990s, and is set in the land of Java, which does seem mystical.

There are so many scenes that are related to everyday life, making the horror atmosphere even more gripping.

About Revenge and Pain

Teluh itself tells the story of revenge for the ultimate pain. It all started with the death of Yulia, an employee of a batik company owned by Pak Indra’s family.

Time passed. Six months later, Pak Indra, the owner of the batik, kept getting fireballs (Daru) that kept falling right on the roof of his house.

In the ancient Javanese tradition, Daru or what is commonly called the fireball is a bad omen and the coming of calamity.

So how is the continuation of this story from Mr. Indra? watch the continuation only at film Teluh.

Final Words and Closing!

Well, that’s a little spoiler and also a synopsis of Teluh, an Indonesian horror film about pain and revenge. If you want to know the next story? Just watch it in your favorite cinema.

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