Indonesia’s Most Inspirational Successful Young Entrepreneur from Zero


This young successful entrepreneur from scratch proves age is not an obstacle to starting a business. Moreover, they literally started the business from scratch. By reading a brief review of these 5 business people, anyone can have a strong determination to set up a business.

Doing business or opening a business is indeed a promising way to achieve success. Of course, many young people dream of owning their own business someday. However, this dream must be postponed because many people are hesitant to start a business at a young age.

The stories of these 5 young entrepreneurs might inspire young people as well. If the business can be started at any time. Including at a young age the struggle can begin. Who is it? Here are some of them:

1. Amanda Cole – Sayurbox

The Sayurbox application makes it easy for potential buyers to get fresh and organic vegetables. No need to leave the house, vegetables will be sent to order in a fresh state. This application turned out to be formed by one of the young Indonesian entrepreneurs, namely Amanda Cole.

His business started with his intention to help Indonesian farmers. This woman also started to build Sayurbox which acts as a liaison between customers and farmers in Indonesia. Currently Sayurbox has helped and built cooperation with 300 plantations in Indonesia.

2. Successful Young Entrepreneurs from Zero Putri Tanjung as Event Organizer

When she first started her business, the daughter of entrepreneur Chairul Tanjung often experienced rejection from the sponsors. However, this refusal did not make Putri Tanjung give up.

Until finally, his efforts paid off and now his Event Organizer business is growing rapidly. In fact, the turnover of Putri Tanjung’s business is estimated to have reached hundreds of millions of rupiah. Currently, apart from doing business, Putri Tanjung has also been selected as a special staff for millennials at the State Palace.

3. Ali Muharam – Ngehe Macaroni

The next successful young entrepreneur from zero is Ali Muharam who is the owner of the Makaroni Ngehe brand. This food brand is indeed very popular. In fact, initially Ali Muharam sold this macaroni on the side of a road in the Kebon Jeruk area, Jakarta. Ali Muharam himself did not think.

The food business that he is engaged in can be as successful as it is now and has even been able to achieve a turnover of billions of rupiah. With a loan of 20 million from a friend. Ali Muharam was determined to quit his job as an office boy, then sell macaroni. This young high school graduate continues to develop his business until it is successful as it is now.

4. Gibran Rakabuming – Chili Pari

Besides, he is known as the first son of President Jokowi. Gibran Rakabuming is also known as a successful young entrepreneur from scratch who excels. This is evidenced by the many businesses he has started and developed.

One of his most successful businesses is Chili Pari. Meanwhile, Chili Pari is a service provider in the field of catering and wedding organizer. Gibran Rakabuming turned out to be applying for a loan to a bank as business capital to open Chili Pari.

5. Ahmad Zaky – Bukalapak

Bukalapak has succeeded in becoming one of the companies startup largest in Indonesia. Behind the great success of this marketplace, it turns out that there is the name Ahmad Zaky. Bukalapak is the first application in buying and selling on line in Indonesia. People who are not used to shopping on line make Bukalapak’s journey very winding.

However, thanks to his persistence and tenacity, Bukalapak has succeeded in gaining the public’s trust. In fact, Bukalapak survives the competition marketplace which began a lot in Indonesia. No wonder his name is famous as a successful young entrepreneur from scratch

Those are 5 successful young entrepreneurs from scratch who can be role models for the younger generation. Their stories are also full of inspiration and can serve as examples. For young people who want to start their own business.

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