Information on the 2021 Village Fund Cash Direct Assistance, Complete


Direct Village Fund Cash Assistance is one of many social protection programs to restore the national economy during the pandemic. This program targets rural communities who are experiencing economic difficulties due to the pandemic. This assistance is worth IDR 300,000 per family which is distributed monthly for one year. Now the 2021 Village Fund Cash Direct Assistance can be disbursed at once for 3 months or Rp. 900,000.

This program was launched with the hope of restoring the community’s economy, especially the lower middle class economy. The success of this program really depends on the honesty of village government officials in distributing aid. Recipient parties must comply with predetermined criteria, as well as the need for transparency in the distribution process. The following is an explanation of the recipient criteria and the distribution flow:

Criteria for Recipients of 2021 Village Fund Cash Direct Assistance

Not just anyone can receive the 2021 Village Fund BLT. This assistance is aimed at the poor who have been affected by the pandemic. Some of the community criteria that can receive the 2021 Village Fund BLT are as follows:

1. Loss of Livelihood

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have lost their livelihoods. For people who have come from the middle to lower economic class, of course, really feel this impact. The main source of lost family income and income may be completely non-existent. Families with these conditions are entitled to receive the 2021 Village Fund BLT.

2. Not Registered in the PKH or BPNT Program

The widespread impact of Covid-19 has caused the level of the community’s economy to plummet. This causes many families that were previously well off to become deprived. Such families are usually not recorded in programs, such as PKH or BPNT. Underprivileged families who have not been registered in these programs are also entitled to the 2021 Village Fund BLT

3. Poor Families Who Stopped Getting Social Security Network (JPS) Assistance

Some poor families may stop getting assistance from the Social Safety Network (JPS) for various reasons. Social Security Network (JSP) assistance that has been obtained can be sourced from the APBD or APBN. To help restore their economic situation, this group is also entitled to receive the 2021 Village Fund BLT.

2021 Village Fund Cash Direct Aid Distribution Flow

Data collection of beneficiaries is carried out from the village/kelurahan so that they are closer and know the real conditions of the beneficiaries. The distribution of funds is also carried out by the village/kelurahan party, with the following flow:

1. Registration of the Applicant’s Name in the Neighborhood Association (RT)

Communities can apply themselves to be recipients of assistance. This recording was carried out by village volunteers who received a letter of assignment from the Village Head. Data collection is carried out at the Neighborhood Association (RT) level, making it easier for data collection and submission.

2. Special Village Deliberation (Musdesus)

The special village meeting is a deliberation conducted to validate the recipients of the 2021 village fund direct cash assistance, selection and recipients of the Village Fund Direct Assistance. At this deliberation, the applicants for assistance were selected and ensured that they met the requirements given by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

3. Submission to the Regent/Mayor

The results of the special village deliberations that have been carried out are then compiled in the form of an official report document. This document which has been signed by the Village Head and representatives of the Village Consultative Body (BPD) is submitted to the regent/mayor. If this document is approved, it will be directly signed by the regent/mayor, and registered applicants will receive a monthly Village Fund Direct Assistance.

This is an explanation of the recipient criteria and the distribution flow in the 2021 Village Fund Direct Cash Assistance program. This program is a very good program from the government. However, as an aid, of course this program is held only to help, not to become the main source of income for the recipients. The success of this program is also very dependent on the roles of the various parties involved, so that the government is not the sole actor.

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