Instantly Trending! IKON Just Cover Performance of JikJin’s Song ‘Treasure’ Makes Fans Proud!

The boy group from YG Entertainment, iKON, has just greeted their fans with a cover performance video from their junior ‘Treasure’ Jikjin.

It’s true that iKON hasn’t released a new single or album in a long time, but with the junior cover performance, it has been able to treat fans both from Korea as well as the whole world.

Cover with IKON’s Own Characteristics!


Even though they did a dance cover, it turned out that all iKON personnel also sang the song again with their own distinctive style.

Even though the song belongs to the juniors, but by being sung by the members, it will make the song feel different, and have the characteristics of the members themselves.

Jikjin’s cover song ‘Treasure’

It is certain that the members of the boy group from YG Ent have their own distinctive style or characteristics.

The six members consisting of Bobby, Yunyeung, June, Donghyuk, and Chanwoo really appear energetic and stylish. Even the video itself has become trending on YouTube after its release.

Final Words and Closing!

Well, that’s the latest news from a boy group from YG Entertainment, namely iKON, which covered a song by Treasure’s junior Jikjin.

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