Interesting! It turns out that these are the 5 best motorcycle wheel brands

There are many brands of motorcycle wheels that are now circulating in Indonesia. The models offered also vary to make the vehicle more elegant and sporty. Make sure you choose the best brand of motorcycle wheels, which are really of good quality, some of which are as follows.

Rossi Wheels

This one wheel is very easy to find because almost all motorcycle wheel sellers must provide the Rossi brand. Using basic ingredients cast wheel This makes these wheels more sturdy and lighter. Suitable for motorcycles, automatics, and motorcycles with cross or spoke models.


TDR is one of the best motorcycle wheel brands in Indonesia that provides very good quality. In addition, the wheels of this brand have a very complete type ranging from automatic motorbikes, ducks, to modified racing motorbikes. Even the color choices of TDR wheels are also diverse.

Comet Rims

Comet is one of the best motorcycle wheel brands that is often used by beginner motorcycle modifiers. The manufacturing material comes from aluminum which has strong and solid properties, making it more durable than other wheel brands. In addition, Comet wheels also have a wide choice of color and model variants such as spokes, bars, and stars.

The price of Comet wheels is relatively cheap, which is around Rp. 300 thousand. Unfortunately these wheels are not suitable for those of you who want to modify racing and drag motorbikes. You can use Comet Wheels for standard motorcycle modifications only.

Chemco Rims

The next best motorcycle wheel brand is from Chemco. The advantage of this brand lies in its quality which can be compared to the manufacturer’s wheels. It’s not wrong if then several motorcycle brands entrust Chemco as the maker of their vehicle wheels.


Next there are Marchesini wheels which are imported products from Italy. This Marchesini is made from the best materials that make the wheels durable. Although it appears with a model like motorcycle racing wheels, this Marchesini is actually made for standard racing motorcycles. In addition, the choice of models / types is quite a lot, so you can choose according to your wishes.

Those are some of the best motorcycle wheel brands that you can choose when you want to modify your motorcycle. To choose the right wheels, you must pay attention to the size, type of radius and the designation of the wheels, whether for racing, racing, or everyday use.

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