Is it better to assemble a PC or buy a laptop? Try to compare this first


Question better assemble a PC or buy a laptop often happens among today’s easy children who like the world of IT. This question sounds simple, but it is very difficult to decide.

Because there are many aspects to consider between buying a laptop or assembling a PC, so you don’t have to regret afterwards.

In this article recitationnews will discuss, the difference between assembling a PC and buying a laptop.

Know the Advantages of Assembling a PC

Cheaper Cost

Let’s just say there is a budget of around 8 million, when compared to a PC raft with 8 million, we will get very capable gaming specifications. Not only that, you can even assemble a PC for video editing and coding purposes.

As for the budget of 8 million to buy a laptop, it can be said that it is very bearable, it can even get smaller specifications than a PC raft. Because for today’s gaming laptops, at least we need a budget of 10 million.

Cheaper PC Component Upgrades

I don’t know why the cost for upgrading PC specifications is relatively cheap, because when upgrading a PC, not all components must be updated, only 1 component is enough, for example the motherboard. It’s a different story if you want to replace a laptop motherboard, at least other components must also be replaced such as RAM, hard disk, and so on.

Compare With Buying a Laptop

Very Flexible Laptop

Yes, even though the price of a laptop is more expensive than a PC raft, at least a laptop makes it easy for us if you want to use it outside the home. For example, you want to take it to school, college, or work.

We cannot do this if we decide to assemble a PC, because the components are large, so they must be placed in one place only.

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Anti-Complicated Club

In addition, buying a laptop is the best choice for people who don’t understand PC components and don’t want to be bothered by dealing with PC specifications. And also laptops do not require a large space to store.

Well at least that’s the comparison if you decide to assemble a PC or buy a laptop.

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