Is Just Washing Your Face Enough? Here are 5 Ways to Treat Dull Oily Faces and Acne!


Actually washing your face is not enough to treat your face. Therefore, the need for other treatments, so that the facial skin is also not getting damaged. With these problems, we have summarized several ways to treat oily, dull and acne-prone skin.

So for those of you who may feel the same problem, then take a look at this article regarding how to treat oily, dull and acne-prone faces. Curious, right? Let’s see the following review.

How To Take Care Of Dull Oily Face And Acne?

how to treat dull oily face

For those of you who may still be wondering how to treat oily, dull and acne-prone faces? No need to linger any longer, so keep reading this article until it’s finished!

1. Regularly clean the face

Cleansing the face can be one method of dealing with oily faces. Washing your face regularly is one method of dealing with oily skin.

If you have an oily skin type, cleaning your face regularly can be a way to deal with oily skin.

You can clean your face in the morning and evening, and after exercise.

Stay away from face wash soaps with fragrances, alcohol, and very strong contents because they can dry out the skin and cause irritation. Eventually, the skin will produce more sebum.

Instead, take advantage of face wash soap with smooth contents, right. The illustration is a face wash for oily skin that has benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

You can clean your face a maximum of 2 times a day as a method of treating oily faces. The trick, start washing your face with warm water.

Then, take advantage of facial cleansing soap while massaging your face for a long time. Next, wash your face again with warm water.

2. Dry your face properly

After cleansing, dry your face by patting the skin with a soft towel.

As much as possible do not brush your face with a pulling action or use an aggressive cloth.

Because, it can force the skin to produce more sebum so that the face continues to become oily.

3. Take advantage of toner

The next method of dealing with an oily face is to use a toner. You can choose a toner for oily skin with an alcohol content to make facial skin a little drier.

You can also try using a toner with a natural astringent, such as witch hazel, which can soothe the skin and regulate sebum production on the face.

For some people, using a toner with a natural astringent can help shrink facial skin pores and remove the rest of the make-up products that can close the pores.

4. Use a moisturizer

Methods for dealing with oily skin on the face face is choosing the type of moisturizer without oil content. The right type of moisturizer can deal with oily skin.

People with oily skin types may stay away from using moisturizers because they are thought to make the skin look more oily.

Meanwhile, using the right moisturizer can be a way to treat oily, dull, and acne-prone faces.

For those of you who have oily facial skin, choose the type of moisturizer without oil content to keep the skin moist without feeling greasy. You can also use moisturizers from natural ingredients.

A study published in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology said that aloe vera gel could be a good moisturizing option for treating acne as well as a method of treating oily facial skin.

Some of the contents in aloe vera gel have a soothing effect on the skin. Even so, make sure aloe vera gel does not contain alcohol which can actually make your facial skin dry and irritated.

5. Use a mud mask

Mud masks can be a method of dealing with oily facial skin.

Mud masks are face masks that contain minerals, such as smectite or bentonite, which can help reduce and remove excess oil build-up on the face.

With this, your face will look less shiny, without irritating the skin.

Use a mud mask once a week and apply a light moisturizer afterwards.

In addition to mud masks, you can use natural masks for oily skin as a way to deal with oily skin on the face.

Conclusion and closing!

Well, those are some ways to treat oily, dull and acne-prone skin so that facial skin is healthier.

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