Jeff Sessions Unveils Plan to Combat Illegal Immigration


On Thursday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions unveiled a plan to combat illegal immigration in the United States. The plan, which was announced during a speech in Arizona, focuses on increasing the number of immigration judges, hiring more border patrol agents, and cracking down on sanctuary cities.

Sessions said that the plan is designed to “restore the rule of law” and “ensure that our immigration system is enforced.” He also said that the plan would help to reduce the number of illegal immigrants in the country.

The plan includes a number of measures to increase the number of immigration judges. This includes hiring more judges, increasing the number of courtrooms, and providing additional resources to the courts. The plan also calls for hiring more border patrol agents and increasing the number of detention centers.

In addition, the plan calls for cracking down on sanctuary cities. These are cities that have policies in place that limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities. The plan would require cities to comply with federal immigration laws or face the loss of federal funding.

The plan has been met with criticism from some immigration advocates, who argue that it will lead to increased deportations and a decrease in due process for immigrants. They also argue that the plan will not address the root causes of illegal immigration, such as poverty and violence in Central America.

Overall, the plan is an attempt by the Trump administration to address the issue of illegal immigration. It remains to be seen whether the plan will be successful in reducing the number of illegal immigrants in the United States.