Jobs that Produce Goods and Services


In everyday life we ​​will find a Jobs Produce Goods and Services. Well, this is a discussion of SD Thematic material. Work is an attempt by a person to fulfill his life needs. For example, parents have to work to meet the needs of their family life.

As for the work that is done, it can produce goods, it can also produce services.

Work that produces goods and goods produced.

1. Food Merchant

Food traders are jobs that produce goods, in the form of food. For example, a meatball trader, from his work he is able to produce goods in the form of meatballs. In addition, satay traders also produce goods in the form of satay.

2. Carpenter

Carpenter is a job that produces wood carvings, be it tables, chairs, cabinets, or so on. Just imagine if there were no carpenters, maybe we could not learn comfortably using a wooden table.

Or we will not be able to sit comfortably with the wooden chairs in our schools and homes.

3. Painter

The job of a painter is to produce art in the form of paintings on paper. Items produced by a painter may have a high selling value.

Depending on who gives the appreciation, if the person understands, it must be paid a high price.

It can also be said that painting is a hobby, but a hobby that can generate income.

4. Fisherman

Fishermen are jobs that are carried out by residents who live in coastal areas. Because the area is close to the beach, the main occupation is mostly fishermen.

Where every day they fish to the middle of the sea, then sold to the city. So that we can enjoy together goods produced in the form of marine fish.

In addition to marine fish, the goods produced by the fishermen are squid, octopus, shrimp, and so on.

5. Tailor

Tailoring is a job that can be done by anyone, but his professionalism cannot be imitated by everyone. It takes practice to sew well.

So that it can produce goods in the form of clothes, pants, which are good for use.

For example, sewing school clothes, it takes practice to be able to produce school clothes.

6. Blacksmith

This job is a job that requires caution, because it deals directly with fire, and sharp objects.

The goods produced by blacksmith workers are machetes, hoes and axes.

7. Designer

Designers are very knowledgeable, there are designers with manuals, there are designers using applications.

For example, designers of houses, or buildings, and those who use the application are digital designs.

8. Writer

Primarily a writer will produce written works that can educate people around him. For example, it can produce books, newspapers, magazines, and so on.

Including the article you are reading, is the work of an author.

9. Chef

A chef is a person who is an expert in cooking, the goods produced are in the form of ready-to-eat food. So if we are hungry and want to eat but there is no food at home.

We can just buy it out, and the one who serves it is a chef.

Jobs that produce services and services that are produced.

Above have explained some of the jobs that produce goods, as well as goods that can be produced. Now proceed with work that produces services, as well as services that are produced.

1. Teacher

Teacher is a very noble job, his services will never be forgotten. Because it contributes greatly to the intelligence of society.

For example, Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle and High School teachers. They were all great people. The services they provide are extraordinary. Teach us from the beginning we don’t know, to know.

2. Ojek Driver

Motorcycle taxi drivers provide services to us in the form of delivery/pick-up at certain locations. For example, we want to go to the market, but the market is far away, the services of motorcycle taxi drivers are needed here.

Now ojek has developed, there is a name called Ojek Online (Ojol), such as Gojek, and Grab.

3. Barbershop

Barber is a job that produces services, the services produced are in the form of cutting our hair. For example, if you have long hair, it’s not comfortable if it’s too long for men.

Well, it is this barber who is credited with cutting our potions, to make it even more presentable.

4. Lawyer

A lawyer who provides services in the form of legal consultation and legal assistance to someone who is caught in a case. An example of a famous lawyer from Indonesia is Hotman Paris.

5. Security guard

Security is a service job which maintains security so that it is always conducive. Be it at school, at home, or in a crowded place like the mall.

6. Household Assistant

The next job is ART (household assistant) who provides services in the form of assistance for one’s household needs. Such as sweeping, washing, cooking, and babysitting.

7. Parking attendant

Providing services in the form of guarding vehicles that are parked or left briefly by their owners. For example in markets, malls, and other public places.

Just imagine if no one is on guard, surely bad things can happen.

8. Soldier

It is a job that provides services in the form of security guards for our country. Soldiers willingly take care of our security, from all over the country.

9. Web Developer (Programmer)

Web development is a job that produces services as well as goods. For example, there are people who want to create a website page, now this is the programmer who works to meet these needs.

Think of it as, Lazada, shopee and others. They also need a programmer to make a good website like that.

For example, this Educational Blog, also needs a programmer to be like this.

10. Mechanic

Usually if we want to service a motorbike or car, we must go to a special place for service, right?. So it’s a mechanic who makes repairs, where they make repairs to our vehicles.


Of the many jobs that are around us, there may be something that we are interested in, so from now on we should have prepared for it. Either learn anything about the job, or seek additional information about the job.

And the type of work can be distinguished based on the results, there are jobs that produce goods and goods produced, and jobs that produce services as well as services produced.


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