Just Choose? 5 Korean Idol Version Hairstyles!


Who here likes to watch drakor or per k-pop? If yes, then you should try these 5 hairstyles to be like Korean stars to support your everyday appearance.

If you have seen a Korean drama or girl group performance, maybe you will be a little interested in looking like them, starting from the hairstyle or even the make-up used.

Sometimes Korean stars wear simple makeup but still look beautiful. Therefore, we will summarize 5 simple hairstyles that can support your appearance to make it look fresher when traveling or hanging out with friends.

What are the 5 Korean Idol Version Hairstyles?

hair ponytail

If you want to style like an idol or k-drama star, you should first pay attention to small things such as the hairstyle as well. For this reason, we have summarized it as follows.

1. Messy Top Knot

Messy Top Knot

This hairstyle has become one of the things that Koreans usually wear, the evidence is overwhelming, because some k-pop stars often use it in famous dramas.

Fortunately this model is very simple to try, you only need to comb your hair, and give it a little haispray spray, then tie the top. Add cute and funny ties such as ribbons and others.

2. Messy Bun style

Messy Bun style

If you are feeling stifling during the day, this hairstyle is perfect for you to try. Even many k-pop stars who use these hairstyles.

This model is very simple to try, you only need to comb your hair, and give it a little haispray spray, then just tie the top.

3. Low Ponytail

Low Ponytail

Actually, if you look around, many Korean people want to look simple and natural. One of them is to use this type of hairstyle.

This type of low ponytail is very suitable for everyday use, you could even say to enhance your style when traveling, whether it’s for meetings or just going to hangouts.

4. Half-up Hair

Half up Hair

This type of model is very suitable and looks more feminine, but surely if you follow it, it will look like a k-drama star.

Because there are many variations, you can choose the simple one for traveling, or the more complicated one for office purposes and others.

5. Natural Side

Natural Side

In fact, many Indonesians often use model This bond, even though it looks quite simple, can maintain an elegant appearance.

You can still be beautiful if you use this hairstyle, whether it’s for daily needs or going to work.

Conclusion and closing!

Well, those are some ways to follow the hairstyle of k-pop drama stars or idols.

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