Know 5 Dangers of Inappropriate Car AC Freon Pressure

To provide cool temperatures in the car cabin , several components work together in the car air conditioner. If one or more components are damaged, the air conditioner cannot work optimally. One component that is quite influential is the refrigerant or freon. Car AC freon pressure must be appropriate because if it is too much or too little it can cause problems.

Freon itself is a component of a car air conditioner that is in liquid form and is responsible for providing cool air in the cabin. In order for the air conditioner to work normally, the amount of freon must be right. The amount of freon basically will never decrease unless there is a leak that occurs in the AC line. Problems caused by less or too much AC freon include the following:

1. The air conditioning in the cabin is reduced

The first thing that can be felt when there is an excess of car ac freon pressure is the coolness of the cabin is reduced. Even though the switch position has been set to the coldest, the temperature in the car is still not cool. This is because excess freon makes the condenser unable to turn it into fog.

In the AC system, the condenser will emit freon in the form of a cool mist to cool the cabin. Excess Freon causes the refrigerant released by the condenser to remain unchanged and is still in the form of gas when it reaches the expansion valve. This condition ends up air conditioning that comes out to be less cold to not cold at all.

2. Freon pressure has increased

Under normal conditions, the freon pressure of a car air conditioner should ideally be in the range of 15 to 30 psi at low conditions and 160 to 250 psi at high conditions. If the standard pressure is too low or too low it can cause problems. Excess freon makes the pressure increase so that the connections in the AC components become easily damaged, especially pipes and hoses.

Moreover, if the AC pressure switch does not work, the condition of the increased freon pressure can be dangerous. This is because the pressure switch works to detect any incoming pressure. The pressure switch automatically stops the flow of electric current if the freon pressure is high. If this tool does not work, the high pressure will continue to work and can damage other components.

3. AC Compressor Works Heavier

Anything in excess is not good, including the amount of freon in the car ac. Freon pressure that exceeds the normal limit will make the compressor work harder than usual. The compressor has to work extra to pump freon to another AC line. The heavier the load, the other components in the compressor will be disturbed. Another impact is that the fuel becomes more wasteful.

4. Freon Temperature Rises

The danger of freon not in accordance with normal limits this time is still related to high freon pressure. The higher the pressure, the temperature or freon temperature will also increase. As a result, the freon that goes into the condenser becomes hotter. This condition will end with not reaching the gas which becomes a liquid when the freon is processed in the condenser.

5. Connected Switch can be Broken

This time it is a problem that arises if the freon pressure in the car air conditioner is too low or less. This deficiency condition will cause the switch on the AC component to be difficult to connect to the magnetic clutch relay . Eventually, the compressor shuts down and can’t work.

Based on the explanation above, the freon pressure of the car air conditioner must be in the right amount so that it does not cause problems. Be it a shortage or an excess, both can cause problems if not corrected immediately. Immediately fix the freon pressure if you feel signs of something wrong with the car air conditioner such as the air conditioner not rotating or the coolness is reduced.