Know the Pre-Employment BLT Terms and How to Apply

One of the assistances provided by the government to improve the skills of the community is pre-employment. But it turns out that there are pre-employment BLT requirements that need to be considered before starting to register. This assistance is given in a considerable amount. For Wave 22 alone, the government will add a budget of 10 trillion rupiah so that it can reach more participants.

Pre-employment BLT Recipients Must Understand These Terms

The recipient of direct cash assistance in the form of Pre-Employment is not arbitrary. There is a registration and data collection process before the search. In order for this assistance to be channeled correctly and according to the target, of course you must know how the requirements for pre-employment BLT need to be met. To be clearer, consider the requirements of the following Pre-Employment BLT recipients:

1. Native Indonesian Citizen

People who can be included in the list of recipients of Pre-Employment BLT must be Indonesian citizens (WNI) and not foreigners. This can be proven through the Population Identification Number and KTP which are photographed and then included during registration. In addition, prospective applicants and pre-employment recipients are not included in students in a formal education.

2. Are People Who Are Looking For Work

The next pre-employment BLT requirement to be able to join the Pre-Employment list is to be included in the group of people who are currently looking for work. Not only that, this assistance can also be received by workers who are in need of increasing work competence. So, this direct cash assistance can be used properly to increase skills or skills.

In addition, workers who are also affected by the pandemic, such as being laid off can also register. Pre-employment BLT is also targeted at workers who are laid off and not from wage earners. And it turns out, entrepreneurs and those who have micro and small scale businesses can be included in the Pre-Employment recipients.

3. Not a State Civil Apparatus

The next pre-employment BLT requirement is not to be included in the ASN or State Civil Apparatus. Not only that. Police and TNI members were also unable to receive this assistance. Residents who are also unable to register for Pre-Employment are village officials, the DPR, and those who are currently working in BUMN and BUMD.

4. Haven’t Received Any Help

Indonesian citizens who have been registered as recipients of direct cash assistance cannot receive Pre-Employment BLT. Because the types of social assistance provided by the government vary. Some of them are the Family Hope Program, BLT UMKM or BPUM, or other assistance. Then for one KK can only register a maximum of two NIK.

How to Apply for Pre-Employment BLT

After fulfilling the requirements described above, it is time to register. This pre-employment can be registered online on line. So, to make it more clear, you can listen to the following explanation:

1. Create an Account

Not directly registering, but the first is to create an account first. For the steps, here is the explanation:

  • Visit the dashboard.prakerja.go.id page
  • Click Register and write the following email password
  • Check incoming email to verify

2. Register for Pre-Employment BLT

After having an account and doing login, now follow these steps:

  • Go to menu Dashboard
  • Write down your NIK, KK Number, and Date of Birth (in the ID verification column), then press continue
  • Fill in your personal data completely and correctly
  • Upload photo ID card or take it in person
  • Enter the mobile number and type the OTP code received via SMS
  • Fill in the registration statement according to the current situation, then click OK

3. Take the Test

If you are successful, then you have to take a series of motivational tests and basic abilities. Select the wave that is currently open for registration. After that click on the option “Yes, Join.” Make approval by pressing “I Agree.” Just follow the continuation.

This is a description of the BLT requirements Pre-employment which must be met before wishing to register. These conditions need to be observed correctly so that later they can be registered as recipients. In addition, if you want to register, make sure all the data is correct.

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