Know these 5 benefits of reading the Koran if Istiqomah

Al-Quran is a holy book for Muslims, in which there are guidelines for life for all mankind, without exception. Well it turns out that reading the Koran provides benefits for the reader, of course the benefits obtained are not small things, but big benefits for life.

Benefits of Reading Al-Quran

1. Heart Feels Calm

It is undeniable, reading the Quran every day will make people who read it feel calm without any shortcomings. That’s because the Qur’an is the word of God that has been preserved to this day. So that Allah will give directly to the reader at least peace in his heart.

2. Glowing Face

The Koran is “Nur”, or light, every verse that we read will give light into our hearts so that we will not easily do and say bad things. In addition, reading the Koran will also give the effect of a happy face for the reader.

Moreover, to memorize and practice it.

3. Get Rewards

Reward is a “reward” for someone who does good deeds, well one of the good deeds is reading the Koran. Even if we are not fluent in reading it, we still get one good thing from each verse that we read.

Not to mention, every verse we read will multiply the goodness we get.

4. Al-Quran is medicine

The nature of the Koran Syifa’ (medicine)can be used as a medicine for the liver as well as medicine for other diseases, of course we must believe that Allah sent down the quran as a shifa.

For example, surah Al-falaq, can be used to fortify oneself from magic and the like. Like the very popular story when the Prophet was sent magic by the infidels, Allah then sent down Surah Al-Falaq to fortify himself from this evil act.

5. As a hint

Yes, the next characteristic of the Qur’an is Al-Huda which means as a guide.

What hint? yes of course the instructions to live life in this world well, with the Shari’a that has been determined by Allah SWT.

Starting from waking up, until going to sleep again, everything has guidance in the Qur’an, and it is clarified by the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad.


So that’s at least the benefits that we can get if we read the Koran, and of course there are still many benefits that we can get when we are diligent and istiqomah reading the Koran.

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