Laptops under 5 million for school purposes

School assignments are in the form of documents, forcing us to buy laptops. We recommend laptops under 5 million for school purposes

Those of you who are looking for a laptop with a maximum of 5 million for school are right on this page. Do not think when buying a laptop is expensive. Here we provide recommendations for laptops under 5 million for school purposes.

To support learning activities such as doing assignments in the form of documents, you need a laptop. You just need to buy a cheap laptop, which is under 5 million for school purposes.

List of Laptops Under 5 Million for School Supplies

Laptop HP Pavilion x360-11-ab129tu

The first list, you can use this laptop as a tablet because it already uses a touch screen. You can fold the screen up to 360 degrees to make it easier when using it in tablet mode.

It measures 11.6 inches, enough to help you with your school homework. This HP Pavilion x360-11-ab129t laptop is complete with an Intel Celeron processor.

The storage is quite relieved, namely 500GB. Even though it still uses HDD, it is still sufficient for the needs of students.

The HP Pavilion x360-11-ab129tu laptop has 4GB of RAM to support multitasking activities, especially for school purposes. Get this multifunctional laptop with prices starting from 3.7 million.

Asus Vivobook 14 A420 . Laptop

Laptop recommendations for second students come from the Asus brand Vivobook series. More precisely, the Asus Vivobook 14 A420.

This device has a slim but strong body. Unlike previous HP laptops, the A420 supports SSD storage with a capacity of 256GB.

The advantage of the Vivobook 14 A420 laptop is that the screen bezel is so thin that the bezel is almost invisible.

Although it has a 14-inch screen, the body of this notebook is smaller and lighter with a fingerprint security system like a smartphone.

Get the Asus Vivobook 14 A420 for just under 5 million through the largest market in Indonesia.

Dell Inspiron 14 3442 . Laptop

Choose a Dell Inspiron 14 3442 laptop for school purposes because the price is quite cheap. This laptop is complete with an Intel Core i3-4005U processor. Multitasking performance can run smoothly thanks to the support of 4GB RAM.

However, the Dell Inspiron 14 3442 laptop still uses 512GB of hard drive storage. and good enough for school purposes. The price of buying a Dell Inspiron 14 3442 laptop on the market ranges from 3.8 million to 5 million.

Lenovo IdeaPad 330 . Laptop

This 3 million laptop is very feasible for you to buy as a student to complete the needs of school needs. The price of a laptop under 5 million for school purposes is quite helpful for the needs of doing assignments in the form of documents.

You also get an additional Genuine Windows 10 Home OS. The processor available is the AMD E2-9000E whose performance is able to outperform the Intel Core i3-6100U.

This Ideapad 330 laptop has DDR3 RAM with a capacity of 4GB which is smooth enough for school assignments. The screen is 14 inches with Full HD resolution with an IPS panel. The screen is clearer and sharper, the resulting colors are more accurate.

Lenovo IdeaPad S145 Laptop Laptop

The latest laptop recommendation for students is the Ideapad S145. The price is very suitable in the pocket of students, starting from only Rp. 3.6 million. This Lenovo IdeaPad S145 laptop uses an 8th generation Intel Celeron processor with a throughput that reaches 1.80 GHz.

This type of laptop uses 4GB of RAM and 256GB SSD storage which is more than enough to support school activities.

If storage is lacking, you can add an external one which can be purchased separately. The battery in this laptop can also last up to 6 hours in normal use.

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