Latest Korean Drama, Forecasting Love and Weather! A Love Story at the Meteorological Agency!

Dramas are constantly re-shocking the virtual world, one of the dramas with the highest rating, Forecasting Love and Weather, is currently airing on Netflix.

You could say that this Korean drama has a pretty interesting storyline and it’s a shame not to watch. If you are curious about the synopsis of Forecasting Love and Weather, let’s look at the review in the following article.

About Forecasting Love and Weather!

forecasting love and weather

This Korean drama tells the story of Meteorological Agency employees who always face difficulties in every problem.

It is undeniable that the storyline carried in this drama is very good. In addition, the players are also very all out when playing their roles.

In addition to a lot of tension, this drama is also peppered with a few romantic and comedy scenes. So the audience will not be bored with the treats of every scene played by the players.

Romantic Comedy Korean Drama at Meteorological Agency

The main character of the drama Forecasting Love and Weather is Park Min Young who plays Jin Ha, he is a division that is always professional in his work.

The other actor is Song Kang who plays Lee Si-woo he also works at the Meteorological Agency Korea the same one. However, these two people have completely different personalities.

So can they grow the seeds of love? Lots of funny scenes, accompanied by romantic comedies that can make the audience’s stomach churn.

If you want to know the continuation of the story? Please watch this Korean drama, which has a very high rating, for yourself.

Final Words and Closing!

Well, that’s a little spoiler and synosis of the Korean drama Forecasting Love and Weather. Watch this drakor right now, on the Netflix streaming platform.

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