Laundry Business Capital Required, Beginners Must Listen!


Laundry business is one of the most popular business choices for people. It can be seen from the proliferation of laundry businesses that have opened. This business does have several advantages, such as not requiring special skills to open it. Then, the laundry business capital is fairly affordable.

The target consumer of this service business is also very broad. Because, in an increasingly busy life. More and more people don’t have time to wash clothes. However, actually how much capital is needed to open a laundry business.

The following is an estimate and explanation of the basic capital needed to open a laundry business. Beginners who want to open a laundry business must listen to the reviews below.

1. Buying a Washing Machine – IDR 1,500,000 to IDR 3,000,000

The first capital needed to open a laundry business is a tool, namely a washing machine. It’s impossible, a beginner to open a hand-washed laundry business. Apart from being inefficient and tiring. This can cause the laundry to be less clean and the process less fast. Therefore, it is obligatory for beginners to spend money to provide a washing machine.

The right washing machine for this business is a washing machine with a large capacity. Then, machine must also have several modes for washing clothes from certain materials. If you have more capital, don’t buy just one washing machine. Try to buy 2 or 3 washing machines at a time.

2. Ironing Machine and Steam – Rp150.000

The laundry business capital must then be spent on buying irons and steam clothes. Opening a laundry business is incomplete, if there is no service for ironing clothes. Therefore, beginners must have an ironing tool. In addition to ironing tools, beginners must also have a clothes steamer.

This steam will make it easier for laundry workers to smooth clothes with special materials. For example, clothes made of thin or satin. In addition to the tools, beginners also have to prepare equipment for ironing. Such as ironing mats, electrical terminals, hangers, and other supporting tools.

3. For Detergent and Fragrance – IDR 100,000

Open business laundry for sure requires detergent and deodorizer for washing and ironing clothes. To be more efficient, beginners can buy detergents and fragrances that are specifically for laundry. That way, beginners can get products in large quantities and the price becomes cheaper. Do not buy detergents and fragrances in sizes for household use.

4. Supporting Tools for Washing- Rp300.000

Supporting tools in this laundry business are clothes hangers, iron racks to put clothes, iron frames to hang clothes, buckets of various sizes. Then hangers, clothes pins, and supporting tools for the clothes washing process. Of course, this tool is needed in large quantities to support the laundry process.

5. Electricity Bills Per Month – IDR 300,000 to IDR 500,000

When opening a laundry business, beginners must be prepared for the rising electricity costs every month. Especially if the order and the clothes that come in are in large quantities. The washing machine will be active continuously and consume a lot of electricity. The amount of electricity bills can vary depending on other electronic uses.

That’s capital business the most basic laundry needed. If it is totaled from start to finish, for the basic capital alone, a fund of approximately IDR 5,000,000 is needed. Of course, the money spent can be more or less than the estimate above. If you are a beginner, you can save money and look for items with the cheapest prices. The capital issued, of course, can be much cheaper than the estimates that have been written down.

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