Live Healthier! Here Are 4 Ways To Take Care Of Long Nails So It Doesn’t Turn Yellow


When viewed from a health perspective, lengthening nails does seem dirty and does not take care of hand hygiene. Therefore, we will provide several ways to care for long nails so they don’t turn yellow quickly.

Having long nails does seem exotic to some people, but what happens if our flat nails turn yellow quickly and also don’t look healthy. Therefore, taking care of nails does need further attention.

What’s more, it must require extra super care, so that hands and nails look healthier and do not become a nest of bacteria or germs that cause disease.

How to take care of long nails so they don’t turn yellow easily?

How to Take Care of Long Nails

Long nails are necessary maintenance extra, but for those of you who still don’t know, about how to properly care for long nails? Take it easy, let’s look at the following reviews.

1. Doing Routine Maintenance

The first thing that must be done is to carry out routine maintenance. For example, scrubbing the nails with soap and water every time you wash your hands.

Also clean the nail care tool before use, try using an antiseptic soap so that dirt and bacteria don’t get lodged in the nail cleaning tool.

2. Maintain the Right Food Intake

The next way to take care of long nails is to maintain the right food intake, by meeting the needs needed by the body, then the nails will also be maintained and their health is maintained.

try to consume foods and drinks that contain lots of vitamins A, B, and C. make sure to eat lots of fruit too, yes.

3. Avoid Excessive Nail Damage

The purpose of avoiding excessive nail damage is not treating it harshly or otherwise.

One way to treat long nails so that they are not easily damaged is not to soak them in water or harmful chemicals too often.

Always also avoid the habit of biting the yoke, because there are many bacteria in the mouth will affect their health as well.

4. Choose a Quality Nail Polish

The last step related to how to take care of long nails is to choose a quality nail polish. It is better to avoid choosing cheap products.

Or you should always consult a doctor or the nearest beautician, so that the nails that we lengthen later are not easily damaged or their health is always maintained.

Conclusion and Closing!

So, those are some ways to take care of long nails so they don’t turn yellow easily and stay healthy, try practicing them yourself at home, so that your nails don’t become a nest of disease germs.

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Actually there are many other tips for maintaining health, but this time we only discuss things related to nails and how to take care of them too.

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