Lots of Free Choices! 5 Best Business Phone Number Apps in 2022!


When managing business phone calls from personal phone numbers it is very intrusive to privacy. Therefore, now there is a business phone number application to help you manage a business.

So applications from a business phone number can be your alternative choice in developing a business. That way, the business will grow and be more advanced in the future.

What are the Best Business Phone Number Apps in 2022?

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By using the application from this business phone number, your business will also progress. Because now is the era of the internet, and almost everyone always orders goods online, so the following application is really very useful.

1. WhatsApp for Business

An important business application with an online platform is WhatsApp for Business. One of these types of chat applications can help you manage your business, especially newcomers to the business world.

By trusting WhatsApp for Business, you can improve your line of business with the available features.

By using WhatsApp Business, you can communicate with business friends easily, and business profiles are increasingly trusted.

Its use is also quite easy with the usual type of WhatsApp, especially the concept of accompanying the face is similar, so you are sure you will be easy to operate it. So this business phone number application is very useful, isn’t it?

2. Google My Business

For you newcomer entrepreneurs, this one online platform business application is a must-have to support your efforts.

One of these products from Google will help you show data about managed business, so that it continues to be known to many people on search engines.

This business application will help you show data such as hours of surgery, type of effort, and even the purpose of your efforts.

Interestingly, Google My Business can show reactions from clients. This reaction can be used as material for evaluating efforts to make it better.

3. Mobile Banking Application

In the business sector, of course there is something to do with money, the next online-platform business application that new entrepreneurs must have is a mobile banking application. With this application on a smartphone, you no longer need to bother going back and forth to the ATM to check transfers from clients or consumers.

Not only that, you can also use other features provided, one of which is recapitulating the entry and exit of money and money movements that occur in your efforts.

The well-organized records in this mobile banking application can be used as a reference for making future financial concepts.

4. Marketplace Apps

Next is a marketplace application, this one application you must have if the effort formed is an online buying and selling business.

This one application will help you facilitate marketing or business for shipping out of town, outside the province, to outside the country.

With a marketplace application, customers will feel more comfortable doing business easily so that the energy to reach your marketing is greater. various application Marketplaces in Indonesia are, Tokopedia, Lazada, Shopee, BliBli, and many others.

5. Google Meet

If you are a business actor that has many employees that must be handled, of course you need a business application like Google Meet. The current limitations and distance with technology can make it easier to talk.

You can use this Google-owned calling application to talk to employees and customers who cannot be found due to distance. This application is connected directly to your Google account, so there is no need to create a new account to access this one application.

Conclusion and Closing!

Well, that’s a complete explanation regarding the best business phone number application in 2022.

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