Lots of Variations! Here Are 5 Recommended Long Span Skirt Models To Support Your Appearance!


When it comes to span skirts, what we have in mind is a skirt model that is simple but still looks beautiful. For this reason, we have summarized several recommendations regarding the long span skirt model so that it can support the appearance.

In addition, the recommendation for this long-span skirt model can also be a reference for fashion, so that the clothes we wear look more fashionable and up-to-date.

If you are curious about the article that will discuss the very fashionable long span skirt model. So take a look at the reviews in the following article.

long span skirt model

Of course, we recommend this long skirt model for those of you who want to look simple but still look trendy and very contemporary. Therefore, just take a look at the discussion in the following article.

1. Black Model

The initial suggestion for a long-span batik skirt is a skirt with a dark patterned slit accent. A span skirt that has a straight section that fits the body will distract you from being more spacious. You may find it difficult to walk if you wear a span skirt.

However, that will not happen if you use span skirt with a slit accent on one part. This skirt will pop the sides of your feet up to the front calves only. Not only to make walking easier, slit accents also add a sweet look to your skirt. If you are captivated by this skirt, you can look for it on Bukalapak via this link.

2. Pink x Red

Generally people don’t often mix bright colors with light ones anymore. However, in fact the combination of pink and red can be very harmonious, you know! The combination of these 2 bright colors produces a long-span batik skirt that shares cheerful and chic opinions.

This skirt is suitable for you who are active and carefree. Not only for events, this skirt is also charming for you to wear to the office, to campus, or to a coffee shop. This skirt is made of a combination of plain cotton and batik cotton.

There are 3 dimensions for this skirt, namely Meter, L and XL. The price of this skirt is very affordable, which is only Rp. 130 thousand. You can buy this charming skirt as well as other skirt collections at Bukalapak by clicking this link.

3. Twisted White

The third form of the batik long span skirt has a white twisted span skirt. Recently, clothes with white color are having a lot of fans. If you are one of those people who like white too, of course you like this one skirt. The part of this skirt is very contemporary, which is in the form of a twist with a simple braid on the stomach.

This kind of batik skirt is very happening, you know! Don’t want to be left behind, hurry up and get this white ruffled skirt. You can have this skirt made of cotton material for only Rp. 120 thousand, it’s economical to live, right?

4. Skirt 7/8

Some people are reluctant to wear long skirts because they interfere with movement and make them unable to walk quickly. If you don’t really like long-span skirts, just use a span skirt that is only 7 or 8 feet long. This skirt has a wrap accent at the end, so it’s different from the majority of the span skirts, which only have a straight shape.

This skirt is actually made of plain cotton material, on the other hand, the only slight batik accent is the elastic waistband. So, to prove the batik part, you should put your leader’s clothes into the skirt.

You can buy this skirt for only IDR 130 thousand, you know! Come on, quickly buy this 7 or 8 skirt or other batik skirt collections at Bukalapak by clicking this link.

5. Skirt (Hanging)

For the fifth long-span batik skirt, Kamini has a half-length skirt. There are many people who like to wear this kind of hanging skirt.

This kind of skirt is suitable when paired with high heels or wedges that have tie accents to the calves. So, you can attach importance to the part of your shoe. You can find this skirt at Bukalapak via this link.

Conclusion and closing!

Well, those are some recommendations for choosing the type of long span skirt model in order to support the appearance.

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