Making TIN Online and 3 Types of Categories


NPWP is one of the identity documents that must be owned by every person taxpayer. TIN is used as the identity or identification of the taxpayer to carry out the rights and obligations of each individual regarding taxation or as a reference for paying taxes.

TIN is also a requirement in public services, such as making passports, applying for credit to banks, making trading business licenses, and so on.

NPWP is a Taxpayer Identification Number that must be owned by every person and entity business which generates income.

The NPWP number is intended for tax transaction activities. The provisions of the taxpayer itself have been stated in Law NO. 16, 2009 concerning General Provisions and Tax Procedures.

Currently, NPWP can be made online. Making a TIN online is much easier to do than making a TIN offline. Of course, making an online TIN will be easier and faster than having to go to the tax office.

Requirements for Making TIN Online

Before applying for an online TIN, you should prepare a number of requirements when applying for an online TIN. This requirement also actually applies to the making of NPWP offline.

Each online and offline NPWP is divided into three categories that you can adjust according to your needs, the following are the terms and categories:

  1. Categories of individual taxpayers not running a business:

– Photocopy of Identity Card (KTP) for Indonesian Citizens (WNI).

– Photocopy of passport, Limited Stay Permit Card (KITAS) or Permanent Stay Permit Card (KITAP) for Foreign Citizens (WNA).

  1. Categories of individual taxpayers who run a business:

– Photocopy of KTP for Indonesian citizens and Passport, KITAS or KITAP for foreigners.

– A photocopy of a business activity permit document from the authorized agency or a certificate of place of business activity from a Regional Government Official (Lurah or Village Head).

– Photocopy of electricity bill or electricity bill.

– A statement letter with stamp duty from an individual Paying Officer stating that the person concerned is actually running a business

  1. Categories of female individual taxpayers who are subject to separate taxation due to the income and property separation agreement:

– Copy of husband’s NPWP.

– Photocopy of Family Card.

– Photocopy of the agreement letter for the separation of income and assets.

Steps to Make TIN Online

After you have prepared all the required conditions, the next step is to start submitting an online TIN, here are the steps:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Click the “register” option to have a new account.
  3. Enter a valid email address and captcha code.
  4. Wait for an incoming email from DGT showing a link to register for stage 2.
  5. Check inbox on e-mail.
  6. If not, check the spam menu.
  7. Click the form link that was sent to your email.
  8. Fill in the form with complete personal data.
  9. Finally, click “Register” in the lower right corner to send the registration form to the tax office.
  10. Please log back into the main dashboard page by entering the email and password that was created.
  11. Then fill in the NPWP creation form on the Taxpayer Data Registration display page to determine the category of taxpayers.
  12. When finished, click the “Request Token” option and enter the captcha code.
  13. The token code will be sent via e-mail.
  14. Enter the token code that has been received by email in the field provided.
  15. Click “Submit Application” and the file will be processed.
  16. If the NPWP registration application has been approved, the NPWP will be sent by the tax office to the taxpayer’s address by post.


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