Man’s Duty to Forests, Rivers, Animals and Trees

As humans we have an obligation to the objects around us, such as forests, rivers, animals and trees. That is to maintain and preserve it so that it can last longer. You can read about the obligations of humans to forests, rivers, and animals, as well as trees in this article.

Human Obligations Towards Forests, Rivers, Animals and Trees.

Against the Forest:

  1. Do not cut down trees carelessly, if you cut down trees you must comply with the applicable rules.
  2. Don’t burn the forest.
  3. Use wood-based products wisely.
  4. Frequent reforestation.

Against the River:

  1. Do not throw garbage carelessly, especially into the river.
  2. Reprimand people who throw garbage or waste into the river.
  3. Do not waste with clean water.
  4. Don’t pollute the river.

Against animals:

  1. Do not hunt rare animals.
  2. Protect rare animals well.
  3. Establish a special place for the preservation of endangered animals.
  4. Remind each other of the importance of protecting rare animals.

Against Trees:

  1. Do not cut down trees carelessly.

So those are some of the obligations of humans towards forests, rivers, animals, and trees. Let’s take care of the nature around us, care about nature, so that life will last longer.

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