Materials That Often Come Out at the Science and Technology SBMPTN, Let’s Learn!


SBMPTN is a pathway to enter PTN where the selection is carried out nationally. This means that all participants who take part in this selection can choose PTN in Indonesia. The material that often comes out at the SBMPTN is almost the same as the material that has been taught at school. Especially for the scientific material. Anything the hell the material? Here’s the explanation:

1. Mathematics Materials for Science Department

First, the material that often comes out in the SBMPTN is mathematics with science degree. His name is Saintek, he will definitely discuss the scope of mathematics in the science department. There are 5 mainstay materials that come out at the Soshum Science and Technology including: derivative material, integral material, probability theory material, trogonometry material, and finally limit material.

It should also be noted, however, that participants are also required to learn about quadratic equations. Because, when calculated, many questions that use quadratic equations appear 20 times more than questions about composition functions.

2. Physics Material

Second, Theory what often comes out in this science and technology SBMPTN is physics. As well as natural science mathematics, 5 materials such as electricity, magnetism, material about mechanics I, material about matter, heat. In addition there is also material about vibrations, waves and the last material about modern physics.

Not only that, participants are also required to learn about mechanics II as well as light and optics. Because the material has the potential to appear more in physics. Several other materials also appear frequently, but are usually only given in certain years. However, it is also not wrong if participants study other materials as weapons if the material is in the SBMPTN exam later.

3. Chemical Material

Third, the material that often comes out in SBMPTN is chemical material. In this chemistry problem, there are 7 materials that often come out. 3 of them are solution material, material stoichiometry, and finally organic chemistry. Then for the next 4 materials there are chemical, thermochemical, electrochemical bonding materials and finally there is balance material.

It should also be noted, apart from the 7 materials above, there are some materials including those that are only released in the selected year. And it’s not wrong to prepare weapons before fighting in the SBMPTN exam.

4. Biological Material

Fourth, the material that often comes out at the next SBMPTN is material on biology. There are 5 materials that often come out including about cells, tissues, organs, functions of the human body. In addition there are also genetics, mutations, metabolism in cells and finally about ecology.

In addition to the 5 materials above, SBMPTN participants are also required to learn material about viruses, monera, prostists, fungi, plantae, animalia, and biotechnology. Because it has the potential to be out at any time in the SBMPTN. Some other material will usually appear in the chosen year only, so it’s better for participants to study all the material just in case for the exam later.

5. Material about TPS (Scholastic Potential Test)

The last material that appeared during the scientific SBMPTN exam was material about TPS. Participants who take the SBMPTN are required to practice this material frequently because they will come out every year with questions that are almost the same as in previous years.

The material tested in this TPS is about general reasoning, reading comprehension and also writing. In addition there is also knowledge and understanding of general, and finally there is knowledge of quantitative.

Well, above are 5 materials that often come out at the scientific SBMPTN that must be known. Not only armed with material, practice often and also multiply prayers, of course, it will be easier to work on the questions in it later.

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