Meaning of COPAS (Copy Paste) in Slang

It turns out that in slang there are Copas said which not many people know what it means, but for those who are often involved in the computer world, they certainly know the meaning of the word Copas.

Well this time recitationnews will provide a brief explanation of the meaning of the word Copas in slang.

Meaning of COPAS (Copy Paste)

Copas itself is an abbreviation of English copy and pastewhich means copy and paste.

Well, we can interpret in everyday language the meaning is plagiarize.

Plagiarizing what?, yes, of course, digital files that can be copied and traced, such as text words, school assignments, reports.

Well, usually this copypas case often occurs in the school environment, when there is a student doing an assignment, and another student whose answer is the exact same. The possibility of the student plagiarizing the work of previous students.

To do a copy and paste usually use a combined keyboard ctrl + c and ctrl + v


So that’s a little explanation about the meaning of the word copypas in slang, hopefully it can be useful.

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