Menu Takjil Iftar! Crispy Tofu Recipe that is Simple, Savory and Crispy!

It’s incomplete if you break your fast without a takjil menu that accompanies it. One of the takjil menus that must be made is crispy tofu. So, how is the recipe for crispy tofu that is simple, easy to make, and has a good taste?

Therefore, the News Reference will summarize several ways along with crispy tofu recipes that are simple and easy to make, and have a savory and crunchy taste. If curious? Let’s see the review in the following article.

Crispy Tofu Recipe that is Simple, Savory and Crispy, Perfect for Takjil Iftar!

crispy tofu recipe

The menu for breaking the fast that is mandatory to make is crispy tofu. If you’re curious how to make a part recipe know this crispy? Let’s see the review in the following article.

The materials needed are:

  • Tofu (any type of tofu according to taste)
  • Tapioca flour
  • Rice flour
  • 2 bunches chopped spring onions
  • Garlic
  • Red chili to taste
  • Cayenne pepper to taste
  • Margarine 1 tbsp
  • Flavoring

How to make crispy crispy tofu as follows:

menu for breaking the fast

  1. First, cut the tofu according to taste, then soak it in water and add a pinch of salt and flavoring. Leave it for about 15 minutes.
  2. Coat the tofu then mix with tapioca flour and rice flour, let stand for about 15 minutes until the flour absorbs into the tofu.
  3. Fry the tofu until cooked, then set aside for a while.
  4. For complementary ingredients, add chilies, stir, until everything is mixed. Then add margarine and sauté the scallions.
  5. Enter the crispy tofu that has been fried earlier, stir until the complementary ingredients are evenly mixed.
  6. Tara, crispy crispy tofu is ready to be served.

Final Words and Closing!

Well, that’s a crispy tofu recipe that is crispy and easy to make, it certainly has a delicious and savory taste so it’s suitable for the takjil menu for breaking the fast, let’s just make it yourself at home, okay?

If there are errors or typos in the writing, I apologize profusely. Because humans are not perfect and the place is wrong. That way a mistake will be a lesson to be better in the future.

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