Missing Holidays? 4 Tips and Ways to Prepare Food for Stock So it Doesn’t Go Stale!


For those of you or a happy family who want to take a vacation, we have prepared some tips and how to prepare food for lunch so that it doesn’t go stale easily, let’s keep reading this article!

Nowadays, it’s a bit difficult to go for a walk, moreover, we can’t congregate in crowded places.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, it has begun to experience a lot of decline, whether from those affected and the vaccine is also almost spread in various parts of Indonesia.

So it is possible for tours to remain open again, so you can take walks like they used to.

However, during this new normal, we must also continue to comply with health protocols, so that the COVID-19 outbreak does not peak again like the last few months.

Therefore, if later tours or vacation spots have been reopened, it would be nice for you to bring your own lunch from home, so you can minimize the crowd that is when buying food.

So what are the tips that can be used when you want to bring food for lunch if you want to go for a walk later, let’s look at the following reviews.

What are some tips and how to prepare food for the holidays?

food for lunch

There are so many menu everyday food that is quite affordable, but you also have to know how to prepare it so that it can last a long time to be used as a road trip.

Therefore, we have prepared, what are the tips that can be used to prepare supplies for a trip. here are the tips.

1. Cool the Rice First

When the rice is just cooked, make sure it is cooled before putting it in the food supply to be brought.

Because the steam of the rice trapped in the food container will make it go stale more easily, so pay attention to that, okay?

2. Separate the side dishes and also the rice

The next tip related to cooking for holiday supplies is to separate the side dishes from the rice.

Because by mixing the two foods, the rice and side dishes make it go stale faster, so you have to separate them neatly so you can keep them fresh.

3. Choose a side dish that is not easily stale

When choosing a side dish, this is the main key so that the supplies you bring still taste good when eaten.

Choose a menu of foods that don’t go stale easily, such as shredded, tender, hard-boiled eggs, anchovies, fried fish, and many others.

You can also add nuggets for other flavors from the lunch menu that will be eaten later.

4. Make sure there are fruits!

If you’ve already discussed the main food, this time it’s incomplete if you don’t add fruit for a walk.

Because these fruits are an addition to meet your vitamin needs. So make sure to also bring fresh fruit to keep the body’s immunity when traveling later.

Conclusion and Closing of Food For Holiday Supplies!

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Because the website contains a lot of information related to travel and vehicles that can be used as a reference to take the family on vacation.

For now, implementing health protocols is very necessary, even though tourist attractions have not been fully opened, but the tips above can be a reference for you if you want to bring your own lunch from home if all tours have been opened.

That’s all from us and thank you very much for reading articles related to cooking for holidays or traveling. Thank you very much!


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