Mount Kemukus Tourism That Makes Jealous, Come on Healing Here!

The atmosphere is lonely, sleepy, and feels like throwing a tantrum, maybe you need a vacation? Why not just try to come to Mount Kemukus tour.

This relatively new tour can really be used as healing for those of you who are heartbroken. The natural beauty along with the beautiful panorama, makes the atmosphere flowery.

Kemukus Mountain Tour that Makes Jealous

kemukus mountain tour

For your information, this Mount Kemukus tour is precisely located in Pandem Village, Sumberlawang District, Sragen Regency, Central Java.

Approximately 29 KM from Solo City and will take more than 1 hour.

You could say that this tour is always crowded with tourists, both from outside the city or even outside the area.

Seeing the beauty of the tour and the beautiful mountains, adding to the healing atmosphere becomes even more pronounced.

Many Tourists Want to Healing Because of the Fatigue of Life!

kemukus mountain tour

In addition to the ranks of Mount Kemukus, inside tour It also has a beautiful and relaxing reservoir-like area.

In fact, you could say the beauty of the reservoir is not inferior to the beautiful mountains lined, making anyone feel at home for long in that place.

When in the long day, this Mount Kemukus tourist spot also presents romantic memories with friends or crush.

Rows of garden lights always decorate your path throughout the night, the point is that this place is really Instagramable for photo spots.

The bustle of this tour is also influenced by the price of the entry ticket which is quite affordable, around 5,000 per person. So it doesn’t make the pockets of young people struggle, right?

Panorama of the Beauty of Mount Kemukus Tourism

kemukus mountain tour

kemukus mountain tour

Final Words and Closing!

Well, that’s the natural beauty found in Mount Kemukus tourism, if you are late and don’t know where to go? Why not try to visit this beautiful tourist spot.

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