Must Know! These are 5 Functions of Axle Oil in Vehicle Engines

Not only engine oil that needs to be considered for vehicle maintenance, but also axle oil which functions as a lubricant in the transmission engine. If you are using a vehicle with an automatic transmission, then there are several functions of axle oil that are important to know.

Axle Oil as a Transmission Component

Especially for four-wheeled vehicles that use automatic transmission components, one of the functions of axle oil is to regulate the speed of wheel rotation. If the axle oil is not changed regularly, the vehicle will experience problems when turning. This can lead to accidents.

To prevent unwanted things from happening, then change the axle oil regularly every month. Thus, the vehicle can rotate the right and left wheels at the same speed because of the proper and regular speed regulation of the vehicle.

Preventing Noise From Vehicle Engines

Another function of axle oil is to reduce friction in vehicle components that cause noise from the CVT box. If the noise is left too long, the vehicle can be seriously damaged. Such damage may require large repair costs.

Can Reduce Friction on Axle Components

When the vehicle is running, of course there will be friction in the engine components, including the axle components. Therefore, oil can play a role in reducing dynamic friction that is too harsh. The oil can hold the movement so that the vehicle runs smoothly and is not hampered.

As Gear Ratio Lubricant

Gear Ratio is a very important vehicle component because it relates to friction in the components inside the engine. In case of damage to gear ratiothe cost required for repair is quite expensive.

To prevent damage to these components, the role of garden oil is very important. Therefore, you should change the axle oil on time.

Oil Can Prevent Overheat In Vehicles

When the axle oil is not changed regularly, it will trigger congestion at the axle temperature. This can cause the axle components to expand due to too high temperature conditions. The function of the axle oil here plays an important role in the cooling process at the axle temperature.

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