Must Know, Tips for Starting a Hijab Business from Zero for Beginners


Tips for Starting a Hijab Business from Zero – Nowadays not a few people want to have their own business. It’s just that they still don’t have the experience to start so they are afraid to do it.

However, now you don’t need to worry because in this article, will provide some tips that you can emulate to start a hijab business from scratch for beginners.

let’s find out some tips for starting a hijab business from scratch for beginners.

Tips for Starting a Hijab Business dari Zero

As you know, the hijab is now not a foreign thing for the people of Indonesia. Especially for those Muslim women in parts of the world who are required to wear the hijab.

So the need for hijab is very large, therefore this can be a very promising opportunity for anyone who wants to start.

So if you want to start a business, then consider the following tips:

1. Start with Dropship

If you have no capital at all, it never hurts to start opening business by dropshipping. This method is quite effective for those who do not want to spend any capital at all.

That way, after becoming a dropshipper you will find it easier to collect income little by little. Generally, some stores currently provide dropship services to help them sell.

Maybe you don’t know what dropship is.

In short, Dropship is an online sales system, where someone can sell goods without having to have a store, stock goods, and without having to do the shipping process.

Because all the processes are carried out by the product owner, so you as a dropshipper are only in charge of selling or promoting these goods.

After someone buys it, you tell the product owner to send it to your buyer’s address, now you can take advantage of 2 times the original price.

There are so many dropshipping actors out there who are successful in their business, because they don’t require a lot of capital. Especially now that marketing information is widespread, so you just have to be smart in using it.

2. Become a Reseller

Becoming a reseller is one way you can start the hijab business you want.

Resellers are people who buy ready-made products from the nearest supplier or distributor at a lower price. And resell it at a price according to the market or a price higher than the capital.

That way you will more easily sell it again and get a high profit.

Generally, each supplier and distributor will provide a different minimum purchase limit. Starting from 3pcs, 5pcs and more so you get a cheap price. For that, there is nothing wrong with starting a business by becoming a reseller.

Currently, there are many suppliers who have opened reseller programs, and people who join to become their resellers will be given sales training. So it’s very easy to start this reseller business.

3. Try Your Own Production

You can try this one tip when you have enough capital and savings. If not, just try to become a dropshipper or reseller first while collecting profits.

Then, if you have a strong will, try to produce your own.

Especially at this time the hijab business opportunity itself is quite promising. Therefore, it is better not to delay in starting the hijab business. Just start according to their respective financial capabilities.

But to start your own production you don’t have enough savings or large capital, but you also need to have good insight into production, product research, market research, competitors, and marketing.

Because out there not only you who have ideas like this, many competitors are ready to compete with you. So it is very necessary to study social science marketing, and the like.


That was a tip start a hijab business from nol that you can try. By pursuing this business, it is not impossible to get a fairly large income. So, what are you waiting for, start from dropshipper, reseller, or own production.

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