Need Fast Funds? Here are 4 Ways to Borrow Money at the Bank to Get Approved!


When you want to open a business, of course you need a large amount of capital or funds. If that’s the case, then we’ll give you some tips on how to borrow money from a bank to get approved.

With the method that we have summarized, it is certain that the bank will also ACC and you can use the funds to be used as business capital.

How to Borrow Money at the Bank to be Approved?

how to borrow money at the bank

If you are still confused about how to borrow money from a bank so that it is quickly approved? So we have summarized it in the following article. So watch it till the end!

1. See Credit Score First

To make a loan, the first thing you need to do is make sure the installments you have are good.

What is the installment rate? In short, the installment number is a history of loans or installments that you have had. Starting from house installments, transportation equipment, or some electronic goods.

At the installment rate, the bank will see how well you are able to pay off the loan or installment. If it is thought that you have a good installment rate, the bank will definitely think of you to be given a loan.

On the contrary, if your installment number is not good, the bank will certainly not take the risk of distributing a loan because you have a history of poor installment payments or installments.

Each bank has different requirements and determinations in distributing loan funds. But in the usual way, some of the provisions requested by the bank in distributing loan funds, among others:

  • Fc proof of self (KTP and Family Card)
  • Fc income or salary file
  • Fc NPWP
  • Fc savings book
  • Deed of ownership of collateral such as BPKB, deed (If you quote a secured loan)

3. Applying for a loan that fits your needs

The bank certainly does not want to take the risk of distributing loan funds to customers if it is estimated that they are unable to pay it off.

For example, you only have an income of IDR 5 million per month, but when you apply for a loan, you apply for a loan of IDR 500 million for business capital. Looking at your income which is only Rp. 5 million, it seems that the bank is difficult to distribute the loan funds that you are applying for, because you may find it difficult to pay off the installments.

In short, the bank has several standards and specific provisions regarding risk management related to loans submitted to debtors according to their abilities. So as much as possible, apply for a loan that matches your skills to pay it off.

4. Ensure Loan Tenor

Next, the way to get loan funds to be approved by the bank is to determine the loan tenor.

What is a tenor? Tenor is the length of time the loan is authorized according to the agreement between the debtor and creditor, and within that period you must pay off the loan installments every month.

Continue to be the length of the selected loan tenor, so that the installments paid every month become lighter.

However, the risk that comes from choosing the length of the loan tenor, the guaranteed interest will be greater. On the other hand, the shorter the loan tenor, the less interest paid.

To determine the loan tenor, you should first estimate the maximum amount of money you can set aside each month. For careful planning, so that you can determine the loan tenor that matches your wishes and skills to pay off.

Conclusion and Closing!

online business bank account

Well, that’s a complete explanation regarding several ways to borrow money from a bank to get approved.

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