New update! 7 Ways to Change Shipping Options on Shopee that You Must Know!


Lately, a lot of marketplaces in Indonesia are updating the system. One of them is Shopee, because of that update, many netizens are confused about how to change shipping options on Shopee.

Because in choosing this delivery service, it turns out that Shopee as a marketplace wants to tidy it up, so that it is not misused by certain parties.

Before we discuss that, it would be nice to start first with the terms of changing this shipping service option. Without further ado, let’s look at the discussion as follows.

What are the conditions for changing the delivery service options?

how to change shipping options on Shopee

There are several things that must be understood when Shopee application users want to change their delivery service options, including:

  • Buyers can change Shopee shipping options that apply to regular and cheap shipping
  • Make sure it doesn’t exceed the time limit according to the policy Shopeewhich 1 hour after the order changes to “packed”
  • Before the seller processes the order number / you have received it has not appeared on the order
  • Changes to shipping options can only be made once per order

So, those are some of the conditions, if you understand, we will start discussing about how to change shipping options on Shopee? If you’re curious, read this article to the end!

How to Change Shipping Options on Shopee?

how to change shipping options on Shopee

For those of you who are still confused about how to change the shipping options on Shopee? So we have summarized it so that it is more concise and detailed, for our beloved readers. So keep reading this article.

  1. Make sure you have placed an order and made payment for your order
  2. Please open order details
  3. Make sure the order status is still in the “packed” position
  4. Then open the shipping information
  5. Change Shopee Service Page Modifier
  6. Choose one of the sending services that appear on the page
  7. Press confirm button

Conclusion and Closing!

Well, that’s a complete explanation regarding how to change shipping options on Shopee. It’s quite simple isn’t it, practice it yourself.

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That’s all from us and thank you for reading this article. See you again in the next article! Bye-Bye.

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