Newest Money Making Apps 2021

Newest Money Making Apps 2021 – Making money today is not a difficult thing, because technological advances have made many business sectors shift to digital.

Well as well as making money through the application, is not impossible.

This time News Reference will provide references to several applications that can make money and of course have been proven to pay.

Latest Money Making Apps

1. Indo Today

Indo Today is an application to read news on Android and iOS, apart from reading news, we can also make money from this application.

The method is quite easy, first register using gmail or facebook that we have, or if you are an IOS user you can also register using your Apple account.

Basically to get money we have to collect coins first according to the minimum withdraw from the application.

There are several ways to get coins, such as:

  1. Daily login
  2. Read the news for a few seconds continuously
  3. Lucky draw
  4. Join Indo Today’s Weekly Mission
  5. and Invite Friends (refferal)

Above are 5 ways to get points from this application which we can later exchange into real money. The minimum withdrawal is also small, which is around IDR 5000 for the first time.

Withdrawal methods can use E wallets such as Gopay, Dana, and also Bank Transfers.

2. Bank Neo+

Different from the previous application, Neo+ is a digital banking application in Indonesia, which has been supervised by the OJK. So this application is very safe to use.

There are 3 ways to get money from Neo+, namely:

Register an account and open an account

Now for new users who register and open an account on the NEO+ application, they will get an immediate bonus that can be disbursed worth Rp. 20,000 (not bad, right).

It’s pretty easy to stay download neo+ then register and fill in the data for opening an account, then you will get the Rp 20,000.

Invite Friends

You can also invite your friends to join Neo+, and you will get a commission of IDR 25,000 and the friends you invite will get 20,000 if they successfully open an account at Neo+ (equally benefited)

Join the Neo Fortune Event

The Neo Fortune event is an event in the Neo+ application, a kind of free lottery every day, the condition is that it is enough to have an active balance of IDR 100,000 in neo+

On the seventh day of the neo fortune event, every user has the opportunity to earn up to Rp. 999,000.

So those are 3 ways you can make money from this Neo+ application.

Is it Paying?

Yes, of course the Neo+ application is proven to pay, because I have tried it myself, you can see the screenshot attachment from my neo+ opinion:

author’s personal photo

Above are the results of opening an account for the first time, inviting friends, and participating in neo+ events, and all of them are free and can be directly withdrawn to a personal account.

So that’s a little reference about new money earning app 2021above are the applications that I have tried, and proven to pay.

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