Only on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra! Here Are the 3 Advantages of the S Pen He Has!


At the beginning of February 2022, Samsung again presented its newest phone, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, along with another Galaxy S series.

This time, Samsung presents a design device that combines the functionality of the Galaxy Note plus the performance of the S Pen which is even more intelligent, thus supporting the creativity and productivity of its users.

In the following, the News Reference has summarized the 3 advantages of the S Pen owned by the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. If curious? Let’s see the review in the following article.

What are the advantages of the S Pen that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has?

S Pen on Galaxy S 22

One of the advantages possessed by this type of Samsung Galaxy Series is that it has an S Pen, for more details, let’s look at the advantages as follows.

  1. Work So Faster

With the presence of the S Pen on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, fans are even more crazy about owning this smart phone.

Because Samsung presents the S Pen which is faster and responsive with 70% lower latency at 2.8ms and 3 times more responsive than the previous series. So that the experience of writing, drawing will feel more real and natural as possible.

  1. Multitasking Feels Perfect

What if you suddenly received an impromptu job, and didn’t bring a laptop? So don’t worry, because everything can be solved with the S Pen on the Galaxy S 22 Ultra.

Because multitasking in the S Pen feature makes work easier, you can search for data, edit images, or share content be even faster.

  1. Virtual Brainstorming Comes to Life (Fun)

When you want to do hybrid working, one of the activities that feels different is the brainstorming session, usually this is done face-to-face only, via video conferencing which lasts a bit longer.

However, this virtual brainstorming will feel more different on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, because the presence of the S Pen supports productivity needs such as live massage to send messages and store information instantly.

Final Words and Closing!

Well, that’s the advantage of the S Pen in the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, how are you interested in buying this Galaxy series? Prepare a deep pocket, yes, because it is priced starting at 18 million.

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