Opening Export Business Opportunities to Japan by Selling This


Indonesia and Japan are countries that often cooperate in various fields. Japan itself ranks third in the country by destination export Indonesia’s largest. Many Indonesian products are needed by Japanese consumers. Seeing business opportunities export to Japan, the opportunity to become an exporter is getting wider. Plus more developments export import which is increasing every year.

Starting from food to textiles, Japan is wide open to accept these products because the market interest is quite high. Not only big manufacturers can do exportSME players also have a great opportunity to run this business. So that the potential of the product can be marketed properly, here are some items that can be used as ideas to sell in Japan:

1. Clothes with Trendy Designs

Japanese society, especially millennials, both women and men, have a high interest in fashion products. Especially for men, the demand for jackets, pants, clothes and shoes is quite high. Seeing this fact, having an effort export clothes to Japan can be an option. What’s more, young Japanese prefer to shop online.

This is because they are busy which makes it difficult to take the time to shop at the store. Usually, young Japanese who like to shop have an age range of 18 to 25 years. Based on this, opening up export business opportunities to Japan by on line Trendy clothing products targeted at that age have great opportunities.

2. Women’s Accessories

Try to open a business opportunity export to Japan by selling women’s accessories. Women in the land of Sakura like various accessories ranging from necklaces, bracelets, to nail decorations. Be a friendly seller and treat female buyers like friends so that the customer has loyalty and loyalty in buying products.

3. Rubber Rubber Commodities for Raw Materials

If you have a large rubber plantation area, there is no harm in trying to send it to Japan. Many Japanese manufacturers need rubber latex as a raw material for making a product. This rubber sap can be used as raw material for vehicle tires and others. Being a commodity exporter you have to be trustworthy and goods must be available on demand.

4. Halal Finished Food Products

For Indonesians, Japan is often used as a tourist destination, study or study destination to work there. Most Indonesians themselves are Muslims who are required to eat halal food. This is one of the export business opportunities to Japan that can be exported to Japan, whether it’s opening an outlet or sending it online.

In addition to Muslim consumers in Japan, delicious food products can also be enjoyed by Japanese society as a whole. Various food products can be used as a business, ranging from snacks, Indonesian specialties, to various drinks. Of course, the quality of raw materials must be the best in order to produce fresh food products with good taste.

5. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

During the pandemic, shipments of fruit and vegetable products to Japan from the Chinese market began to shift. This paved the way for Indonesian MSMEs who wish to send products to Japan. Japanese people now prefer to consume fruit that produces high vitamins. These fruits and vegetables can be shipped fresh, frozen or dried.

Those were some business opportunity ideas export to Japan that can be run for business people. For large-scale shipments, there are various administrative and technical stages that must be met, both from the Indonesian and Japanese governments. Before planning to send products to Japan, it is better to know in advance the characteristics of the Japanese people so that the target market is clear.

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