Pay Attention! 5 Ways to Choose a Facial Wash for Oily Skin


Not all face washes are suitable for certain skins, so with that you have to choose the right products or ingredients to suit your own facial skin. So how do you choose a facial wash for oily skin?

Actually, how to choose a facial wash can be said to be easy and difficult, because everyone has their own skin type. But you don’t need to worry anymore, because we have summarized several ways to choose a facial cleansing soap that is suitable for certain skin.

How, curious right? If so, then take a look at the following article which discusses how to choose a facial wash for oily skin.

Here Are 5 Ways To Choose A Facial Wash For Oily Skin!

how to choose a facial wash

Different types of skin types, so the selection of cleaning soap and its handling are also different. Therefore, pay close attention to this article, which will discuss how to choose a facial wash so that your facial skin is not getting damaged.

1. Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, stay away from facial cleansers that contain essential oils because they will make your face oily.

Using essential oils can make your face sticky and unsafe. In some cases, its use can cause clogged pores and cause blackheads.

To deal with it, you can choose a facial cleanser that has rice extract or a recipe for microbeads that can absorb oil in a different way maximum.

Both materials also protect the moisture of the face, so it will not give a quick and dry effect after using it.

2. Dry Skin

For those of you who have dry skin, of course, you often face a face that looks dirty, let alone peeling. The wrong choice of facial cleanser, it can cause the skin to continue to be dry and feel insecure.

Well, you can try to use a cleanser that contains rose oil or avocado to moisturize and hydrate facial skin, here!

Both materials will hydrate the skin while transporting dirt. This is because avocado has biotin which is part of the environmental B vitamins, and rose oil has vitamin A. That’s why you need to choose a facial wash for dry skin.

3. Large Skin Pores

Large pores indeed often make us hesitant to find the right treatment, you guys. Wrong selection, pores can clog and even continue to be large and interfere with performance.

If your facial skin has large pores, there are several tips for choosing facial care, especially cleanser. Always remember to stay away from facial cleansers that have scrubs because they will make the pores continue to be large.

Facial scrubs can also hurt the skin and irritate it if used aggressively.

Well, the solution you can choose a facial cleanser that has lemon because it can make facial pores disguised. Not only that, lemon is also a lot of vitamin C which can brighten the face.

4. Acne-prone face

Having a face with acne really makes you insecure. Not to mention the feeling of worry about trying special products for fear of acne will continue to be acute.

But, silence you! If you have an acne-prone face, try choosing a facial cleanser that has a tea tree recipe that can get rid of acne in a short time.

According to Healthline, tea tree is a popular option for treating acne due to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. The contents in tea tree can relieve redness, swelling, and swelling.

Moreover, it can help prevent and reduce acne scars, thus making the skin soft and clean.

5. Sensitive Skin

For those of you who have sensitive or mixed skin with dry skin and oily skin, you should choose a gentle facial cleanser.

Sensitive skin types tend to react to external aspects, including skin care. Sensitive skin cues can include a tingling, burning, and redness feeling. How to choose a facial wash for sensitive skin that is good and right so that facial skin looks fresher.

Meanwhile, mixed skin is generally characterized by scaly skin problems, aggressive composition in places and swollen pores, blackheads, and the presence of excess oil in several places (especially in the T-zone, namely near the nose, chin and forehead).

Conclusion and closing!

Well, those are some tips and how to choose a facial wash so that the skin doesn’t get damaged anymore, so it requires special treatment or from a doctor.

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