Perfect For Aquascapes! 5 Types of Aquarium Filters You Must Know!


The function of this aquarium filter aims to be a filtering tool, so that the water in it becomes even cleaner.

Not only that, this aquarium filter also has other purposes such as making it more beautiful and maintaining the water temperature so that not many fish die. So what types are suitable for aquascapes?

What are the Types of Aquarium Filters that are Suitable for Aquascape?

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With so many types of filters available, we have summarized them for you to look at. Who knows your aquascape can match these types.

This tool is placed in the interior of the aquarium with a fairly simple structure with a minimalist size.

1. Internal Aquarium (Dye)

This internal aquarium filter is ideal for beginners who have a small aquarium with light enough power for daily use

Because they have to be placed inside to operate, they can be distracting to the view and can take up fish space.

2. Aquascape Undergravel (UGF)

The way the next device works is more or less similar to the internal version that should be used in an aquarium.

The difference is that the filtering media is placed just below the substrate or sand which helps support the water filtration process.

Its closed position at the base of the aquarium makes the UGF look neater and does not interfere with the view.

3. External Aquarium Hang On Back (HOB)

For lovers of the world of aquascape most often use the type of aquarium filter hanging behind (HOB).

As the name implies, this filtration system is made compact by installation on the outer wall of the aquarium with only the pump part on the inside to suck water.

As a result you can still enjoy your beautiful ecosystem without being bothered by large cables or hoses crossing here and there.

4. Top Box

This is a popular aquarium filter most often found in homes, top boxes.

Its distinctive feature lies in the large rectangular apparatus containing a sizable filtration medium that relies on a pump to deliver water into the system.

5. Canister

Targeting professional hobbies and aquascaper classes, filters aquarium specially designed canister with a myriad of advantages.

Starting from the easy installation process, the large cross-section of the substrate media, there is an adjustable water pressure system, does not interfere with the scene due to the tool outside the aquarium, as well as the best filtration power that ensures the water is always clear.

Conclusion and Closing!

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Well, that’s a complete explanation regarding the types of aquarium filters that are suitable for aquascapes.

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