Perfect for Everyday Use! 4 Tips for Make Up Recommendations for Mature Brown Skin, Curious?


Having a brown skin color is the main attraction because it looks elegant and exotic. Therefore, we will share some makeup tips for tan skin which is currently a trend in 2021.

Maybe many still think that having tan skin is not beautiful. But such an assumption is certainly a big mistake, because this skin color reflects the diversity of Indonesian people.

What are the recommendations for make-up for brown skin tones?

make up for tan skin

It’s not the skin color that’s wrong, but we are the ones who are wrong in wearing makeup for tan skin. If you are still confused about it? Then we have summarized some tips which you can use. Read on for the following discussion.

1. Suitable Cushion

Choosing a make-up base should be in accordance with your facial skin. Because, if you choose the wrong choice, it will cause your facial skin to look gray and blurry and make your appearance less attractive.

Therefore, choose a chusion color that matches your facial skin. If it is brown, you should use a neutral color such as warm or something else, avoid choosing white.

2. Chocolate Eyeshadow

For this make-up option, you should also use gold or brown eyeshadow. Both give an elegant and natural effect or result. So it seems more alive.

Moreover, if it is added with gold shimmer which is a complement, then the facial skin will look even fresher. Choose the color so that you can make makeup for tan skin even more perfect.

3. Peach Color Blush

Despite having skin the brown one, then the blush should not be missed either. Because it will add color to the make-up on your face, and have a natural and better impression.

We recommend wearing a peach orange blush. Because the color is very blend with brown skin. So that the make up also looks more fresh again.

4. Choose Coral Lipstick

Lipstick colors that are suitable for make-up for tan skin are coral or red. The two colors give a more glamorous effect but are not tacky and tacky. Make sure to choose that color.

If you choose another color, it may not match the exotic tan skin tone. Choose the color, so that it can produce a natural contrast.

Conclusion and Closing

Actually, when choosing makeup for tan skin, we also have to use several other colors. However, the suitability of the face shape will also affect the results later.

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So, those are some recommendations when you want to do makeup for tan skin. Make sure to practice the tips above, so that your face looks fresher and fresher.

That’s all from us and if there are mistakes, we apologize profusely. See you next time and don’t forget to share this article with your friends!


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