Popular Business Opportunity For Profitable Young People

Business Opportunities for Easy Children in Indonesia – Did you know that there are already many successful young Indonesians? In fact, they get awards directly from the Asian version of Forbes magazine! Yep, one of them is William Tanuwijaya, Amanda Cole, and Achmad Zacky as the founder of Bukalapak.

So, do you just want to see it? Or do you want to follow in their footsteps of success?

It’s never too late if you want to be successful! Especially at a young age like today. You have to fight so that later when you reach the age of about 30 you are already free from financial dependents.

Even now, you can start this business without having high capital, you only need to use a smartphone and you can start making online business. No need to be afraid of messy college, you can run this business part-time or part-time.

Instead of thinking too much, let’s just go straight to the list of businesses that are suitable for young Indonesians!

Popular Business Opportunities For Young People

So, here are some business opportunities that you can try as a young person to start making side money, even up to tens of millions of rupiah.

Building a Startup

Now it’s startup time. It can even be said that this business is a leader in Indonesia. Call it Tokopedia, Gojek, BukaLapak, and so on.

Cool, you can download them directly from Android and iOS. In addition, there are many offers that make users drool.

Because of this convenience, most netizens definitely use this application. But you need to know, you must have the skills and a lot of budget to be able to run this business.

In fact, you definitely need a large team to be able to maintain this product. But when you’re big, the money will come right away and you can become the richest young man in Indonesia.

Opening an Online Shop

There are those who don’t know online shop? It’s a pleasure if you don’t know it!

You could say that this business is the easiest category and anyone can do it. In fact, only with HP and social media, this business is sure to run smoothly.

There are lots of products that you can sell here. But the most common and popular include fashion, accessories, to cosmetics.

If you’re really interested in selling culinary delights, it’s better to choose fresh or long-lasting food. That way, you can minimize the chance of losing because of stale.

Become a Freelancer

If you really like and have pro skills, why not try being a freelancer instead? It’s not bad if you do it in your spare time and keep getting money. In fact, you are not bound to work with clients. They just give you a deadline and do whatever you want, wherever and whenever!

You need to know, there are so many types of freelance that you can take according to your skills. Most of them are photographers, writers, programmers, to photo and video editors.

Fortunately, there are lots of tools that you can use to make the job easier. For example, there are photo editing applications for Android and PC, frame templates for programmers, and other popular tools.

Afraid you can’t sell your pro services? Don’t worry. There are so many marketplaces that specifically focus on freelancers. Well like Sribulancer, Gohan, Upwork and others.

Affiliate Marketing


Well this is really suitable for those of you who like to invite friends or family. You don’t have to take care of production problems. Just focus on selling, you will get more than expected.

Your job is easy. you just spread your affiliate link or referral code. No need to be afraid of running out of channels to spread the link because there are so many that you can use. Starting from the website, social media, to ads if you really need to.

There is no need to doubt about the payment. So every time you get a downline or someone you just wrote, you will get a commission. It depends on the company or brand you follow. On average, the commission you will get is between 5-10%. But there are also those who dare to give up to 80% per registrant.

Well, when it comes to the products offered, you can choose small products to exclusive products. In fact, you can also sell ebooks, applications and other software.

It’s easy?

Become a Reseller

Finally, you can become a reseller or dropshipper. There are tons of suppliers out there who are ready to ship products to you. My advice, if you decide to become a reseller, be sure to look for a credible supplier with the lowest price.

At least, you can take a profit of at least 50% of the selling price.

This way, you can still sell at a price below the market but the profit is up to 50%.

According to the marketing strategy, it doesn’t matter if the margin is still small. The important thing is that you can educate the market first. If it’s time, just increase the price to market price.


Why do you have to wait a long time if you want to be successful now?, you just need to work using your cellphone, you can get millions of rupiah. Moreover, you don’t need 24 hours non-stop to make manual transactions. You can run everything automatically with the application.

So, when will you start a business and be successful at a young age?

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