PPG Benefits and 9 Ways to Register for PPG in 2022

Professional Education Program Teacher or better known as PPG is the government’s effort to prepare education personnel who have competence and professionalism in accordance with the goals and ideals of the nation’s education.

PPG output is more intended for educators who come from undergraduate education graduates and non-education majors in order to have the ability and skills competence as educators.

In general, the aim of this program is to face various challenges in the world of education, such as:

The minimum number of educators in the outermost areas and in disadvantaged areas and improving the qualifications and quality of teachers who previously still did not meet the standards of educators so that they are better able to undergo the learning process and assessment of students.

PPG Special Purpose

The specific purpose of this program is to carry out the mandate that refers to Law No. 20 of 2003 which is specifically regulated in Article 3, namely to have educators who are in accordance with competencies in order to achieve the main goals of national education.

As well as implementing Article 2 of the Regulation of the Minister of National Education No. 8 of 2009, namely to produce educators who are in accordance with their competencies, especially in planning, implementing and evaluating the learning process.

Many benefits are generated in the implementation of this program, some of which are to improve the profession and professionalism of educators, providing new experiences, especially in terms of the educational process in schools.

Another benefit is obtaining a degree as a professional educator through certification as well as providing opportunities in terms of granting certification funds so that the welfare of teachers is better.

From the community side, the benefits of teacher professional education will also improve the quality of teachers so that the quality of education is much better, especially for education in remote areas.

How to Apply PPG 2022

In addition to aiming to improve and improve the quality of teaching staff in the future, teachers who participate in this program will also receive special incentive allowances whose value will always increase according to the class of educators.

Here’s how to register for PPG 2022:

  1. The first thing to do is to access the official website for teacher professional education at:
  2. Login with the registered username and password
  3. After logging in, there will be a notification containing an invitation to join the 2022 program
  4. Then, click Next to enter a number of menus regarding the academic selection schedule, administration, willingness to participate in the PPG participant determination program and the self-report menu.
  5. Double-check all the requirements to join the program, if you meet the qualifications then click the Register menu and select Register Now
  6. Fill in the PPG 2022 registration form which consists of program subject level (Mapel), field of study, educational qualification, year of study completion, type of study, major, faculty and university identity
  7. The next process is to upload various files such as scanned diplomas and appointment decrees.
  8. Before going to the next menu, re-check all the forms that have been filled out if they are confirmed to be correct, then click Register and select Yes when there is a notification of the suitability of the data being filled in.
  9. Finally, there will be a display of status information as a prospective PPG 2022 participant to be printed as proof.

The next stage is that you just have to wait for official information regarding the implementation of PPG in 2022 which will be informed directly through the account registered in the PKB SIM or the Continuous Professional Development Management Information System for teachers.

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