Price of the Latest Honda Brio by Type in 2021


Honda Brio is still consistently the favorite car of the Indonesian people in the category city ​​cars. Apart from that, the price of the latest Honda Brio is quite affordable for most people in Indonesia. Cars that are in level entry hatchback This has various advantages, when compared to other cars in its class.

Starting from the design of the car, the performance of the engine, to the additional features. Not surprisingly, if the Honda Brio is considered a city ​​car or the best city car models. Present from 2012, then continues to grow until this year. Here are the prices for some Honda Brio in 2021.

1. Honda Brio RS Urbanite CVT – Rp220.000.000

The Urbanite series is actually not a new generation of Honda Brio cars. You could say, Urbanite is an additional series in the Honda Brio series. There are no significant changes between the regular Honda Brio RS and the Urbanite series. However, it must be admitted that there is indeed a development from the Urbanite series from the usual series.

Especially in terms of design, where the Honda Brio RS Urbanite CVT has a body that is made more sporty. The city car concept attached to the Honda Brio is slowly disappearing from this series with a more aggressive and sporty appearance.

As the name suggests, this Urbanite series uses a CVT system with 5-Speed ​​Manual. CVT allows the use of the car engine to be smoother. This dampens the concept of gahar in the appearance of this Urbanite series.

2. Honda Brio RS Urbanite M/T – Rp200,000,000

Still in the Urbanite series, the Honda Brio RS Urbanite M/T is very similar to the Honda Brio discussed earlier. Has a sporty model and eliminates the concept of a city car in its design. There is almost no difference from the outside appearance of the urbanite series, both CVT and M/T models.

The thing that makes the two Urbanite b series different is the engine and transmission system they use. The type of transmission used is manual by utilizing a technology called I-VTEC, this technology is capable of producing a combination of 110 nm of torque and 89 hp. The price of the latest Honda Brio is also affordable and cheap.

It must be admitted that the CVT may have a smoother performance. However, the Honda Brio RS Urbanite M/T engine can be said to be more powerful in quite difficult terrain. The rest, there is no significant difference in the resulting power and performance.

3. Honda Brio RS CVT – Rp215,000,000

Even though it is an old release, in fact the Honda Brio RS CVT series is still a dream. The compact concept and unique shape of the initial Honda Brio series is still high in demand. Moreover, this Brio series has become one of the pioneers of city cars with more spacious space. No wonder the price of the latest honda brio is still quite affordable.

As city car, indeed not much space that can be expected from the Honda Brio especially the early series. However, when compared to cars city ​​car another at the time. The Honda Brio includes the most spacious dimensions. Have 2 seat row with a wider distance in between providing more legroom for passengers.

4. Honda Brio RS M/T – RP190.000.000

As mentioned earlier, one of the reasons why the Honda Brio is a favorite city car is the price of the car Honda The latest Brio tends to be affordable. One of the most affordable Honda Brio series is the Honda Brio RS M/T. In just a moment, the car has an affordable price under the 200 million range. Moreover, if it is in a used condition in good condition.

Prospective buyers can get this Honda Brio at an even cheaper price. The Honda Brio RS M/T has engine specifications that are not much different from the Honda Brio RS Urbanite M/T. The only difference stands out in terms of design.

That’s the price list for the latest Honda Brio by type. Prospective buyers can use the price list above as a benchmark, if they want to buy a Honda Brio.

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