Reading Property Investment Opportunities and Prospects in 2022

2021 could be the bleakest year, especially for the property industry, especially in Indonesia. The Covid-19 pandemic that hit all aspects of the economy also had an impact on the sluggish property sector.

Not only developers who almost went out of business, the community was forced to sell their private property amidst the lack of public purchasing power for the property sector. Many even say that 2021 will be the bleakest year for the property sector.

Property prices also dropped to their lowest prices, which forced developers to tighten their belts because the investment value in the property business was already too high but not accompanied by purchasing power that barely moved at all.

From the community side, the high number of layoffs (PHK) forced them to sell their properties, both houses and land, at prices far from profit. Everything is done so that they can survive.

Meanwhile, housing lenders were forced to apply for credit suspension through a program initiated by the government to ease the burden on the community by providing housing loan installment payments for up to one year ahead, just so that people could meet their basic needs first.

Property Investment Prospects in 2022

Now, after the slowing down of the Covid-19 case, the economy is slowly starting to rise and revive, potential economic sectors including the prospect of property investment in 2022 are starting to show enthusiasm as the economic situation begins to improve, especially for people from the lower middle layers.

Therefore, several observers as well as surveys and economic research in the property sector say that 2022 will be a golden year for the property industry to get back up and get excited.

Active Capital research sourced from Knight Frank Asia Pacific said the prospect of property investment in 2022 will reach its peak not only in Indonesia but even property investment across national borders.

Potential Property Sector in 2022

Still based on Active Capital’s research, the potential property sector in 2022 will lead to types of properties such as: offices, residential and even landed houses and apartments.

This type of property sector is predicted to start to rise and will show enthusiasm in the second quarter of 2022. This prediction will be very effective if the rate of Covid-19 can be reduced to a minimum, including the new variant of Omicron by making these viruses coexist with humans.

Office Sector

In particular, the office sector will indeed show enthusiasm as the economy begins to improve and investment figures begin to improve in various sectors which will affect the high number of property needs from the office sector.

Tread House

Meanwhile, for landed houses, especially outside areas such as Jakarta, Bandung and Bali, their development will increase in 2022 following the high demand for workers and millennials who need landed houses and targeting various potential areas such as: Bekasi, Tangerang and metropolitan city supporting areas. other.

Apartment Sector

Likewise with apartments, demand for apartments will also improve for office workers and millennials who want to be closer to office locations and urban areas so that they are more accessible and not constrained by city problems such as congestion so that time and work mobility are more efficient.

Percentage of Property Investment Value Growth

Many economic observers ensure that property investment growth in 2022 will continue to rise and even exceed 2019. The percentage growth in investment value varies but remains above 4 percent. This figure is considered good and even includes fast growth after the Covid-19 pandemic storm.

Property observer Panangian Simanungkalit even said the property sector growth rate could be at 4.5 percent with an average growth of 4 percent.

Because, in fact, the trend of property growth in Indonesia is highly dependent on overall economic growth, in other words, the better the economic sector, the better the property growth indicators will be.

Even if the economy can recover completely in all sectors and even in the regions, it is very likely that the property sector can grow up to 15 percent if you use a comparison of 2021 or increase to 40 percent. (mz)

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