Reading the Intention of Fasting in Shawwal 2022, Complete with Arabic and its Translation!

The holy month of Ramadan is over, now is the time for us to enter the month of Shawwal which is full of forgiveness.

However, we can also practice other sunnah practices such as sunnah fasting in this month of Shawwal.

For those of you who don’t know the reading of fasting intentions Syawal 2022? Let’s look at the discussion in the following article.

Reading the Intention of Fasting in Shawwal 2022 that You Must Know

Reading the intention of fasting in Shawwal 2022

There will be many practices that we can do, while leaving the holy month of Ramadan.

Now we are entering the month of Shawwal, where in this month, we can also do other practices such as sunnah fasting.

This is also contained in the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad which reads:

Whoever fasts the full month of Ramadan and then continues it with (fast) six days in Shawwal, then (the reward) is as if he fasted for one year. (HR Muslim).

Reading the Intention of Fasting in Shawwal 2022 Complete with Arabic and Latin

اءِ الشَّوَّالِ لِلهِ الَى

For the Latin reading:

Nawaitu shauma ghadin ‘an adâ’i sunnatis Syawwâli lillâhi ta’âlâ

Translation of Reading Intentions for Fasting in Shawwal 2022

I intend to fast the sunnah of Shawwal tomorrow because of Allah SWT.

Final Words and Closing!

Well, that’s a complete explanation regarding reading the intention to fast for Shawwal 2022, complete with an Indonesian translation.

There is always a word of forgiveness from the wrong soul, and there is always a word of longing for a taboo soul. Hopefully we will always be a better person in the future.

If there are errors or typos in the writing, I apologize profusely. Because humans are not perfect and the place is wrong.

That way a mistake will be a lesson to be better in the future.

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