Really Simple! Here’s How to Change Your Name on Telegram which is definitely very safe!


Recently the Telegram application has indeed been very popular, because of the many complete features that allow users to access it. So how do you change the name on Telegram?

Well, many don’t know about how to change the name on Telegram? For this reason, we have summarized it and will share it with all of our friends. So keep reading this article, OK!

How to Change Name on Telegram?

how to change name on Telegram

For friends, maybe you are still confused about how to change your name on Telegram? So keep reading this article until the end.

  1. How to Change Name in Telegram App
  2. Click the top menu button on the Telegram application.
  3. Scroll down and click on settings.
  4. Click the username to change it.
  5. Type in your new Telegram username and click the Check button to confirm.
  6. Finished.

If You Have An Error When Trying To Change Your Name in the Telegram App!

  • Telegram is an application that requires a stable internet connection so that it can function properly. So, check your internet connection, turn on your Wi-Fi or cellular data, or you won’t be able to change the settings in the telegram app.
  • Clear the app cache. If the app doesn’t give you permission to change your own username, it might not work properly because your cache memory is full. Go to your mobile settings, find Telegram app there and clear cache. Then try to change the username again.
  • If the app crashes or doesn’t allow you to change the username because the performance is very slow, the first thing you can do is restart the phone. You can even turn off your device for a period of time and then turn it back on after a few minutes.
  • And if you’re still having problems, you can delete the app from your phone, then install it again after a few minutes. If the problem is not fixed after all these steps, and you can’t change your username, contact Telegram support, they will give you more landings and information about the issue.

Conclusion and Closing!

how to change name on Telegram

Well, that’s a complete explanation regarding how to change the name on Telegram? It’s quite simple isn’t it, practice it yourself.

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