Recommendations 3 Quality Edutech in Indonesia for Online Learning


When the Covid-19 virus outbreak broke out in Indonesia, parents began to look for options for online learning models or edutech that were more friendly to children, especially in the new normal era.

This condition is also used by various startups to present various online-based platforms education which is currently very high demand in Indonesia.

Many features, educational concepts to competitive prices are offered by these various educational platforms, so that sometimes parents get confused in choosing which platform has advantages not only in terms of quality but also an affordable price factor.

The number of edutech in Indonesia certainly requires a strict selection to place children to study in the right place, starting from quality, price and experienced and professional teaching staff.

So, as a guide for choosing quality educational technology (edutech) in Indonesia, here are the three most recommended edutech for online learning.

Teacher’s room

Ruangguru is a startup that focuses on edutech developed by PT. Ruang Raya Indonesia, which has been used by around 15 million active users, is served by as many as 300 thousand teachers according to subjects.

As the most famous e-learning platform in Indonesia, Ruangguru has at least 100 fields and subjects that are adapted to the curriculum used in Indonesia with interactive teaching methods that are easy to understand and fun.

In addition, Ruangguru also has the Ruang Guru Online School feature which gives free or free access to all subjects ranging from grade 1 elementary school to 12 high school equivalents.

This original platform belonging to the nation’s children also provides many special offers in the form of attractive promos through bundling packages for each subject and each grade level so that the learning process becomes more focused while at the same time knowing the potential of each student.


The next education-based platform is Udemy. This international start-up not only develops e-learning according to the curriculum but also various online courses through instructors that match their expertise.

Udemy also has a wide selection of language features consisting of 50 languages, including Indonesian so that it can be more accepted by as many as 30 million users in various countries served by Udemy.

Various course themes such as business, software, design, music, and IT at Udemy have been adapted to the needs of the world of work and users of this application will also receive an international standard certificate of expertise that can be used for work purposes.

The Udemy platform also often offers many e-learning promos, especially for online courses at affordable prices so that they are easily accessible to users, especially millennials.


Lastly is Techpolitant. A platform that emphasizes learning by combining education and entertainment (edutainment) with user segmentation among millennials.

Techpolitant offers various training classes ranging from design, coding, animation, game developers to photography for the needs of the world of work in the digital industry.

The friendly and easy-to-digest learning method makes platform This education is in great demand by millennials because it is very applicable and in accordance with the needs of the world of work.

In addition, the course fees offered by the Techpolitant platform are relatively affordable for the size of a quality certified online course.

Those were the three quality edutechs in Indonesia that are most recommended not only for online learning but also for courses that have been adapted to the world of work to make it easier for users.


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