Recommendations for Accessible Online Meeting Applications


Recommendations for Accessible Online Meeting Applications The world of telecommunications is growing with the stronger internet network and increasingly sophisticated communication tools. The impact of the development of telecommunications is that people meet together online.

Whether it’s in the form of company meetings, organizational meetings and meetings in court, even meetings for teaching and learning.

Some of the Best Online Meeting Applications Today

To meet these online meeting needs, companies, educational institutions, organizations and others require an online meeting application. Here are some recommendations for online applications that you can use.

Zoom Cloud Meetings

Zoom Cloud Meetings is the most popular online meeting app. The reason is because Zoom has advantages over other online applications. Zoom can be accessed for free, but participants are limited to 100 participants and a time limit of forty minutes.

If you want a larger number of participants and a longer duration, then you have to use a paid service. The package options are different, there are Zoom Pro, Zoom Business and Zoom Enterprise packages.

The Zoom Meeting application can accommodate more than 1000 participants with the Zoom enterprise package. One of the advantages of the Zoom Meeting application is that meeting participants are not required to log in with email. The only one who has to login with email is the conference maker.

Google Meeting

The Google Meeting application is an online meeting application that is integrated directly with the Google account used by Android. Because it is integrated with Google, it connects with various other applications on Android, such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Forms and others.

Another advantage is to log in you can not use the application, just through the browser. In addition, to use all the features available in Google Meeting, you only need to pay $6 per month.

Microsoft Teams

The online meeting application that is included in the list of the best online meeting applications is Microsoft Teams. Microsoft’s online meeting application can be used with laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Because it comes from a Microsoft company, Microsoft Teams is integrated with Microsoft Office 365. The capacity of participants can accommodate up to 10,000 people. Equipped with video conferencing features, sending instant messages and collaborating documents.

The need for online meetings has become increasingly urgent after the world was hit by the Sars Covid-19 virus or the corona virus. To reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus, scientists strongly urge to practice social distancing or keep a distance so that the spread of the virus can be controlled.

So, the government urges not to create crowds and minimize face-to-face meetings. An alternative for companies, educational institutions and organizational administrators to hold meetings is to hold meetings online.

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