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Recommended 6 Fun Adventure Games on Android

Adventure games are indeed the choice of smartphone users as a game to pass the time. In addition to its diverse graphic display, games Adventure-themed is also able to provide its own excitement for anyone who plays it.

Not only that, the adventure adventure game is also effective in spurring adrenaline and can be played by all ages, from children, teenagers to adults though.

For those of you who are looking for recommendations for exciting and newest adventure games game With an adventurous background that can trigger adrenaline, the following are recommendations for 6 adventure games that can be entertainment in your spare time;

Life After Adventure Game

If you like adventure games with zombie or mutant themes, this Life After game can be your choice. In addition, you are also required to be able to survive by carrying out daily activities such as farming to finding food.

In this game you can also build groups or clans with friends to complete various missions that are challenges in this game.

Toram Adventure Games

Another android game set in the next adventure is Toram. This game with anime characters will take players on adventures to other parts of the world and face various kinds of creatures. In addition, players will also meet various tribes and groups that can be made friends or even enemies.

In this game, you can create anime with creations that suit your taste. In fact, the choices are fairly complete, starting from hair, skin color, height to various face shapes.

This game, which has been downloaded by more than 7 million users, provides a charming 3-dimensional effect that will amaze any player.

Lineage 2 Adventure Game Rev.

Lineage 2 Rev is a PC adventure game that was once very popular in 2010, now it can also be played on Android smartphones. This adventure game with a variety of fun and adrenaline will bring players to explore a fantasy world and face various types of creatures with equipment that you must collect first.

In addition, before starting the game, you also build characters and races such as elves or dwarves that can be adjusted to the tastes of any player. This massive multiplayer online role playing game or MMORPG-based game presents a graphic quality that is no less good than a desktop display.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

This game at first glance is similar to Yugi oh. It’s just that, each player will face to face with their respective equipment using your heroic abilities through the cards you collect and no more than 10 cards.

The beautiful graphic display and can be played both online and offline will provide its own excitement, especially in setting an attack strategy against your enemies, including determining the right card when facing the enemy as well as determining the continuity of the game.

This War of Mine

This adventure game This War of Mine is set in how to survive not only alone but also with other family members in the house. Here, you not only survive to stay alive but also keep the other members alive.

The most epic game on Android also offers many choices for players to determine each storyline that is taken so that it can be adjusted to the character and preferences of each player.


This game requires players to destroy all existing aliens so that the fantasy world in this game is freed from alien attacks, the way is by building a special fort to explore every hidden equipment that is in each game so you can destroy it. alien group.

Various kinds of mysteries are presented in the adventure that will make you wonder and thrill, but you can still enjoy it until the end of the adventure, but you have to be alert and not easily let your guard down because aliens can be anywhere and attack at any time.

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