Recommended Plain T-shirts for Hijabers who are Fashionable but Still Islamic


Who says hijabers can’t wear plain t-shirts just because they’re worried that their body curves will be seen by non-mahrams? You can still use plain t-shirts for hijabers with a suitable and closed hijab combination so that it looks fashionable while still looking Islamic.

Moreover, at this time plain t-shirts are also becoming a new fashion trend for women to make them look more simple, practical and flexible. Well, para hijabers you can still use plain t-shirts without having to worry about your body’s curves showing so that instead of being stylish, it makes you uncomfortable.

In fact, t-shirts make anyone who wears it, including Muslim women who wear the hijab, look more casual and fashionable at the same time. There are many recommendations for plain shirts for hijabers that can be mixed and matched by hijabers in various ways to make it look more contemporary, stylish, and still highlight the character of true Muslim women.

Although plain t-shirts are more likely to want to create a simple and relaxed impression and are more intended for non-formal activities, the right way to combine plain t-shirts for hijabers can also be very effective for various purposes, including even formal activities.

Some people even often think that t-shirts are not impressive as a type of formal wear and are not appropriate for use for various official activities, but by doing the right mix and match, t-shirts are even ideal as work clothes.

Here are some recommendations for t-shirt combinations with various other types of outfits that can be applied for daily activities:

Shirt and Maxi Skirt Combination

Almost all hijabers certainly have a large collection of maxi skirts in their wardrobe. The maxi skirt has even become one of the mandatory clothing not only for women Muslim but also women in general.

Well, you can apply this maxi skirt with a plain shirt for hijabers, you should use a long-sleeved shirt, so that the genitals, especially in the hands, are covered perfectly.

Or if you want to use a plain short-sleeved shirt, you can add a blazer to cover the sleeves. While on the maxi skirt itself, you can use a maxi skirt that has a motif such as a batik motif so that the combination is even more perfect

Combination of Plain T-shirt and Tutu Skirt

Another combination to mix and match plain shirts for hijabers can be by using a tutu skirt, a skirt that is similar to a ballerina’s skirt and then on the feet, you can use sneakers to make it look more casual and stylish.

But remember, don’t use a tutu skirt that has the same color as a plain shirt so that it doesn’t look monotonous because it will look too formal and stiff because actually this combination will look more prominent with the hit-and-color game, especially on t-shirts and tutu skirts with bright or flashy colors. .

The Combination of Plain T-shirts and Pleated Skirts

Yes, pleated skirts can indeed be applied to various types of tops, including even plain t-shirts. The simple pleated skirt design is even more harmonious with a plain t-shirt or it can also be added with a gingham blazer. The pleated motif on the pleated skirt also builds an elegant impression on anyone who wears it.

You can add flat shoes or even white sneakers to further complement your outfit to make it look more fashionable, elegant and have a trendy, contemporary impression for various activities while still not eliminating the impression of syar’i in the clothes you wear.

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