Remote Utilities, Control Software to Remote Data Access Between PCs


Some sophisticated software that effectively eases the work of a computer can’t even be reached by a smartphone. One of them is Remote Utilities software. As the name implies, this software or program is able to control and access computer others simultaneously remotely.

The existence of this Remote Utilites software is clearly considered very helpful. Especially when there are files or documents left on the home computer, for example, with software In this case, the file can be accessed easily even if we are in the office.

How to use it is also easy, just install the Remote Utilities program on the computer or laptop that you want to control through this program.

Once installed, the software will automatically synchronize devices so that remote control between devices can be done at any time.

Remote Utilities can be applied to the Windows operating system with the ability to control up to more than 8 computers at the same time.

As software that functions to perform remote control, Remote Utilities has two different functions, namely; Viewers and Hosts.


The Viewer function in Remote Utilities plays more of an admin role, who holds remote control of the computer that will be used as a client.


While the Host function is operated for computers that will be controlled via the admin PC. The number of PCs that can be controlled or client PCs can reach up to 10 PC units at once, and are generally used by internet cafes or large companies that require teamwork through PC devices that are interconnected and supervised directly by the PC Viewer.

Features of Remote Utilities

In addition to the two functions above, Remote Utilities also has many features for each device that serves as an admin or client.

Features like; data transfer, power control, task manager, command prompt and even executing a PC client.

PC devices that become admins of the client PC can even turn off the computer remotely and make system information settings.

Amazingly, this software even has chat and video chat features between clients, so it is very effective when used to monitor workers who use PC clients.

Large companies that have implemented information technology systems have implemented and felt the benefits of this Remote Utilities software, because the process of monitoring performance to seeing the progress of team work can only be done with this software.

Not only that, this software is also used by internet cafe entrepreneurs to control client PC activities to limit internet usage activities to anticipate possible browsing activities that contain malware.

On the other hand, during a pandemic like today, many parents use this software to control their children’s activities while using the computer.

In particular, prevent children from accessing harmful sites such as sites that contain pornographic or violent content that is not suitable for children to watch.

Behind its advantages, this software also has several weaknesses, including when compared to similar software.


Remote Utilities requires its users to buy this software officially, although those who want to try this software are given access to a free trial for 30 days.

With this fairly short trial period, it’s clearly not enough to help. What’s more, not all features are given access during the trial period.

Less Efficient

A number of software that has the same functionality as Remote Utilities does not require two accesses in one software; for admins and clients.

In contrast to Remote Utilities which requires users to share roles as admin and client with different software, namely; Viewer and Host so it’s quite a hassle.

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