Riba Free! Here are 5 Types of Sharia Investments You Can Try For Yourself!


For those of you who want to increase your reward, now there are sharia investments that you can try yourself, to be free from usury that ensnares.

With the freedom of usury, you can invest in as many sharia ways as possible. In addition, it can also be a field of reward, because it can also be shared with others.

What Are the Types of Sharia Investments That Can Be From Riba?

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Maybe for friends here are still confused about the types of this investment. Take it easy, we have summarized the discussion in the following article. So, stay tuned to the end!

1. Sharia Deposit

For those of you who are still hesitant to start investing in sharia, a sharia deposit can be a start. The concept itself is similar to saving in general, namely placing a certain amount of money in the bank.

The difference is that sharia deposits use mudharabah contracts which provide a profit sharing (ratio) rather than interest.

2. Gold

Many people are reluctant to start Islamic investments because they are afraid to invest money in things that are not visible, even though that is not really a problem.

Well, if you are one of them, you can choose gold as an Islamic investment instrument. In some countries, the function of gold being included as an exchange rate makes it contrary to Islamic law.

Unlike in Indonesia, saving gold itself has been categorized as a change by the Indonesian Ulema Council, aka allowed and even recommended.

3. Sharia Shares

Is stock included in Islamic investment? The answer, of course! However, there are several things that must be considered because not all stocks can be classified as Islamic investments.

First, the business activities of the shares traded must comply with sharia principles. That is, it should not be related to things that are not declared halal. Second, the entire transaction process uses the sharia mechanism.

4. Retail Sukuk.

What is a sukuk? Sukuk are securities issued by the government or the private sector. In sharia investment itself, if you are interested in investing in Sukuk, you can choose retail sukuk issued by the government.

Retail Sukuk are managed according to Sharia principles with coupons in the form of Tyrah which will be paid every month in the same amount until the end of the period.

5. Sharia Mutual Funds

Want free sharia investment? Sharia mutual funds. Your investment funds will be managed by the Investment Manager and allocated for investment products that are of course in accordance with Islamic sharia principles.

Today, Islamic mutual funds are increasingly loved, as evidenced by the 600% increase in Islamic mutual funds over the last 5 years.

Conclusion and Closing!

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Well, that’s a complete explanation regarding the types of business analysts to be free from usury.

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